Sail22, LLC is the premiere sailing concierge service for small and large sailboat teams. We strive to make regattas enjoyable and easy as possible. If you have ever needed a boat captain or project manager for your team on a part-time basis, we are your best answer. We are active sailors in a variety of classes and our clients are like family. Let the Sail22 team make your next regatta the best one yet. Sail22 can help with any teams needs such as:

  • Custom Crew Gear
  • Rigging & Parts
  • Photography
  • Team Housing Reservations
  • Speed Shop & Boat Repair Service
  • Delivery & Transportation Coordination
  • Crew & Team Coordination
  • Professional Sailing & Coaching Connections
  • Team Chefs, Lunches & Reservations
  • Travel Arrangements

We continue to be active sailors and are involved in a variety of classes. As a small business in the sailing community, our clients are more like family.

About the Sail22 Team

Becky & Ed Furry are active sailors in the Melges 24 & 32, Etchells, Farr 30 & 40 and Scow classes.

Ed sails professionally and is a boat captain for numerous programs. He worked with the crew of Disney's Morning Light as a boat captain for the movie's TP52.

In addition to Becky doing the logistics side of Sail22, LLC, she is also a nurse practitioner and brings this to her role within Sail22, LLC.