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Sail22 has been working with J/Boats on the J/70 for over a year.  We were lucky enough to be some of the first to sail these great new rocketships and are working with Stearns Boating in the Midwest to sell the boats.  The boat in the photos are of Hull #14, which is our demo boat.  We are using this boat to not only demo and sell J/70’s, but also to work with the boat to create some aftermarket products that will help you rig, sail, transport and enjoy your J/70 to it’s fullest.

If there is something you are looking for and don’t see it here please shoot us a note at info@sail22.com or feel free to call us at 574-889-0022. There is a good chance we have something in the works!

For a simple detailed price list of all of our offerings for parts and logistics including new items not pictured below, please go to our Sail22 J70 Options Price List

Covers & Bags

J/70 Travel Mooring Cover *** We recommend the Main Sheet Cut-Out Option to allow the cover to be used for travel and storage.

J/70 Travel Bottom Cover

J/70 Padded Boom Bag  *** J/70 Rudder Cover   ***  J/70 Tiller Cover   *** Spreader Bag ***

J/70 Companionway Cover *** UV Jib Sock *** J/70 Mast Bag or Zippered Mast Bag***

Turnbuckle Cover *** Shroud Bag *** Forward Hatch Cover  *** Sheet Bags Small/Large ***

J/70 Mast Pad *** Padded Hatch & Board Bag *** Forestay Turnbuckle Cover ***

J/70 Spinnaker Launch Bag  & Additional Mounting hardware kit *** Keel Crane Bag ***Ronstan Drink Holder  ***

Ronstan Winch Handle Pocket Ask about other J/70 covers & bags we are working on.

Padded Engine Bag *** Designed for a Honda 2.0, but will fit any engine in the 2-2.5hp range. Also available for Torqeedo engines. Padded and vinyl for quick clean up in case of fuel or oil spillage. Handles to carry and also to secure.

J/70 Mast Bunk  – Low position for travel and high position for rigging and stepping.  A much safer and easier way to rig and travel with your J/70.

Keel Crane Bracket Kit – Secure your keel crane to the trailer for travel outside the boat.

J/70 Third Hands with Keepers – Allows you to tune your rig without pulling out tools.  Locks the top of the rigging wires.

J/70 Shroud Locks – These little guys go between your open body turnbuckles to keep them from spinning.

Easily removed without tools so you can spin your rig up or down & know your rig settings will stay where you left them.

Sail22 Rig Tuning Tool - Keeps your turnbuckles from being beat up.  Keep this in your PFD for quick rig tuning.

No need to use a screwdriver to put turns on any more!

The Sail22 Cross Sheeting Kit $95 includes the cleats, risers and fasteners to install. Allows cross sheeting for the jib (legal November 2012).

Sail22 Full Service Rigging – Ask about custom rigging to make your J/70 easier to sail, rig and de-rig.

J/70 Outhaul with Sail22 Dogbone                    J/70 Continuous Spinnaker Sheets tapered w/ tail

J/70 Tapered Main Sheet

J/70 Tackline with Sail22 Dogbone

Clew Blocks - (29 mm) or (40 mm)- Can be used on any sailmaker’s jib. Keep an extra set on your boat just in case. We splice 2 Harken T2 29’s together which can be looped through the clew of the sail. Easy to hook up and replace if you blow one up on the water. Our 40mm clew blocks have changed from this set up and are even better!

J/70 6:1 Mainsheet Purchase Block & Soft Shackle Kit $145: Allows for ease of sheeting in heavier air. This set-up can be dropped to 5:1 in seconds for light air and added again just as easily.

Soak Halyard Clip *** Sail22 Soak Dog Bone (Red, Green, Gray, Blue) 8mm, 10mm , 12mm available ***

The Sail22 J/70 Soft Deck Kit. Soft non-absorbent high density foam kit provides traction to the deck instead of traditional non-skid. Easier on lines, gear and people!

Dock Boxes / Trailer Boxes – Available in Grey, White and Beige. Ask about custom graphics for your dock box!

Mounting brackets to attach any dock box to your J/70 Trailer.

The Sail22 Harken Soft Dock Box. While working with Harken to design the covers for the J/70 we created this portable soft dock box with lightweight tent pole structure. Loops on the side to secure to the dock and a top flap that zips on the front to keep water from entering. The bottom is also water resistant to help keep your gear dry when it’s on the dock. Available in sizes small and large.

J/70 Lifting Straps (2 needed). No shackles needed. Just loop through and hoist.

Sail22 First Aid Kit – Custom built to meet all of your on the water needs without extra fillers that you won’t use

and comes in a waterproof case to it will last until you need it.

Velocitek Pro Start *** Tacktick Micro Kit *** Sail22 Carbon Mast Bracket for Velocitek Pro Start or Tacktick Micro

Velocitek Pro Start Metal Bracket *** Tacktick Wireless Micronet Race Master System w/ Speedo & Depth

Velociteck Shift *** Velocitek Shift Low Profile Bracket

Custom boat graphic vinyl stickers for the J/70. Please ask for quote.

***We ship all over the world! Please feel free to inquire about shipping estimates!***

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