Ed is down in Ft. Lauderdale for the Melges 32 Gold Cup.  He brought the Etchells down for the season and the Jaguar Cup next weekend and decided to stick around and work with the Protector guys who are supporting the event with the new and very cool 38’.  Check out the photos page for some great pics.  The event has some pretty tough competition and each race winner was punched out pretty good.  Look at the scores at to see how amazingly close things are.  Ed thinks there are more bowchicks at this event than any other class.  See photo above of Star bowchick Lindsey Bartel.  Ed will try to give an update tomorrow before he jumps back in the truck to drive back to Annapolis to grab the Sail22 box trailer and head back down to South Florida for the Etchells event.

Ed FurryComment