Just in time for Charleston Race Week and the Melges 24 Worlds in Corpus are brand new Melges 24 parts and some popular ones back in stock! They are available in limited quantities, so make sure to get your order in as soon as possible. Orders can be placed by phone at 575-889-0022 or by email at

The new RBS Carbon Tapered Backstay Flicker…half the weight of the original and much more flexible! Easier to add a ton of backstay in heavy air sailing which we’ll see in Charleston and Corpus Christi. We had some in Miami for Bacardi Race Week and sold out, but now have more in stock.

Brand new shroud locks for the Open Body Turnbuckles! These are $85/set.

Improved Third Hands for the Open Body Turnbuckles ($100) too! See how the Shroud Locks fit with these. The Third Hand & Shroud Lock Set sold together are $175.

Stanchion Ball ($30) to keep the kite from getting stuck on the forward port stanchion during launches and take downs.

The Sail22 Ultralight Backstay ($200)…they sell out every event!

The Sail22 Dog Bone ($25). Top teams have been using them on their tack lines, spin halyards and main halyards to make sure they are always in the same place. No more guess work for knot tying!

No need for a diver anymore with the Cheap Diver. Quick, easy and efficient…and only costs $60.

Have you tried ferrules? We use them in our Sail22 Ultralight Backstay and they can be used in other applications too.

And a few of our favorite parts too. The Sail22 Carbon Tack Deflector ($125) & Carbon Jib Block Guard ($125).

Another favorite new item is the Soak Halyard Clip! These great plastic clips ($19.95) allow you to anchor the halyard for going upwind and then it self-releases when you hoist the kite. More details in this Soak Halyard Clip blog dedicated to it.

Feel free to call us any time at 575-889-0022 or by email at to place your order.

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