J/70 North Americans 2013 | Regatta Support & Parts

J70 North Americans 2013 Sail22 Bow Stickers

We're back in one of our favorite places this week for the first ever J/70 North American's which is being hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club! Although we decided not to bring the Sail22 Support Trailer to the event due to space limitations (there are 90 boats here!!!), but we have brought all of the parts you may need. We are fully stocked with covers, upgrades and spare J/70 parts (mast, boom, stanchions, mast plates, etc) as the J/Boats Mobile Resource Center. We are very grateful to have such wonderful support from J/Boats, Southern Spars & Harken to make sure each and every competitor's event is a good one. If you need anything, please call or text us at 574-889-0022 and we will come to you! As always, you can email us at info@sail22.com. Bill will be on shore all regatta as well in case there are any issues.

We have something special as well for competitors too, so make sure you see us and ask for it!

We've also brought a few new Sail22 parts we have been working on lately:


The Sail22 Universal Weed Stick Adapter. Add it to your spare tiller extension to make removal of weeds from the rudder simple.

J/70 Adjustable Backstay

The Sail22 Adjustable Lower Backstay. Easy and simple to adjust!

Carbon Wear Plates

Protect your deck and your blocks with Carbon Wear Plates...they look pretty cool too! Non-carbon version also available.

J/70 Traveler and Line Upgrade

Upgrade your traveler & Backstay control lines and be nice to the skipper.

Large Sheet Bags

Mesh sheet bags are light weight, don't hold water and keep water, tape, tools easily available on deck. Small sheet bag also available.

Sail22 J/70 Soft Deck Kit

The Sail22 J/70 Soft Deck Kit protects your crew, gear and lines. Self-adhesive and non-absorbing of water. Custom graphic inlays available.

J/70 Padded Life Line Upgrade

The Sail22 Life Line Kit Upgrade is easily installed, durable, cushy and available in different color options. Your crew will thank you.