Progress on the Sail22 Speed Shop

This morning the concrete trucks (yes, we needed more than one) arrived bright and early to pour our new concrete floor! Neither Ed, nor I had ever seen concrete poured and the process was pretty cool. Truck one arrived with a big team of guys.

They began pouring from one corner. The concrete has fiberglass fibers in it to give it structure, just like fill for epoxy. Looks pretty lumpy and bumpy as it comes out. The guys jumped right in and started to spread it around.

As the concrete is being pushed into all of the corners, the outer area is smoothed.

More concrete is added to another area of the floor and they also begin the air bubble removal and smoothing process with a machine that looks like a weed eater with a long blade attached to it.

That's when truck number two arrived and started to pour the second half of the floor.

Once it was all in to the shop and smoothed with the weed wacker smoothie thingy, they then smoothed it again with a special flat device and pulled it all the way across the floor from one side to the other. we wait...and keep Noisy inside since we don't need kitty prints in the new floor. He doesn't seem to mind too much and is curled up in his favorite hiding spot in our closet. We kicked him out last night to play, so hopefully he will want to sleep in the coolness of the house for the rest of the day.

The guys will keep working and will make the concrete "as smooth as glass" with another special machine and hand tools.

This afternoon, the guys will pull off the form molds and tomorrow we should be able to walk on it! It'll be seven to ten days before the floor can support the weight of a boat.

The metal siding arrived last Friday and the trim pieces it will start to go on today.

Definitely making progress!