Sail22 Speed Barn Upgrades ~ Insulation By Eco-Comfort ~ Sailboat Repair & Sailing Gear

The Sail22 Speed Barn is now fully winterized with spray foam Icynene insulation thanks to Eco-Comfort which will now allow us to work on sailboats in our facility throughout the winter in a warm environment! Winters in the Culver, Indiana area are a bit chilly and last year, we toughed it out without insulation, but it was cold! We spent a lot of time doing our research on types of insulation, cost, R-value, thickness, environmental and health factors. We decided that spray foam was the way to go and interviewed several different companies. We chose Randy and his team at Eco-Comfort in the end and feel we couldn't have chosen anyone better to do our project. Randy is extremely knowledgeable about the types of insulation available on the market and Icynene was the best product we could find, as well as being at a reasonable cost. It's the only insulation type used by the American Lung Association and sprayed using a water base, with no harsh chemicals. Definitely an important factor when you're considering having it in your home or business for many, many, many years!

Randy and his team came by on Thursday and they went to work. The guys did an excellent job covering with plastic anything that wouldn't be sprayed. As an added bonus, we also had them insulate our garage roof deck and our basement stone foundation along the perimeter. They worked quickly and managed to cover and spray both of these areas, as well as completely cover the Sail22 Speed Barn for insulation on Friday. They even left our basement cleaner than when they started! Thanks guys! We had the team spray the roof deck and walls of the barn on Friday and they did a great job. The spray insulation is pretty amazing stuff. It's sprayed, hardens in about 15 seconds and only spreads through the path of least resistance and stops, so it doesn't damage a structure. And the smells during and after they spray is minimal, tolerable and dissipates quickly. Super clean, super insulated and ready for the winter! We couldn't be happier with our experience working with Eco-Comfort and are planning to have them back in a few weeks to insulate the old barn Ed's dad has been renovating to become his workshop space and Becky's new Always Happy Life Photography studio!