Preview Day 1 Sail22 Melges 24 Tuning Regatta

Day One of the Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta is today. Teams gathered at the Annapolis Sailing School last evening to finalize registration, pick up bow numbers and meet about today's practice racing. We will run short course races with lots of extra starts to help teams get ready for the weekends regatta format. A lot of suggestions were give so we could get a plan for what the teams are looking to get out of this event. Teams seem excited and ready to get out on the water. We will start at 1pm today and Dave Ullman will be working with the teams all day. Tonight at 6pm we will have the North Sails One Design Local Knowledge Talk at the Annapolis Sailing School. Everyone is welcome. We will have photos, video and a GPS tracking debrief at this time as well. GPS tracking will be done using Velocitek instruments.

We are very grateful to our sponsors: Henri Lloyd, Annapolis Sailing School, Velocitek, West System Epoxy, Kaenon Polarized, Rite in the Rain, Heineken,Atlantic Rigging, Sebago, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Ullman Sails, Astral Buoyancy, McLube, WRI Weatherand

11 Boats Registered! Add yours today!

We now have 11 boats registered for the Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta. We've heard of 4-6 potential more boats and have extended the early registration until Midnight tonight before the $50 late fee goes into effect. Look for a press release later this week with the exciting details about the event! Our teams can look forward to having Dave Ullman at the event and great products from Henri Lloyd, Velocitek, Astral Bouyancy and McLube!

Sail22 is now a Velocitek Dealer

Velocitek If you are in need of improving your sailing game by knowing how fast you are going or being able to go full speed all of the time then maybe a Velocitek is the right tool for you.  Sail22 is now a Velocitek dealer.  We will have the SC-1 and new Speedpuck’s in Charleston and Annapolis so come and check them out.  We will also be working with Velocitek to get ready for the Melges 24 Worlds.  You can use the GPS function on the GPS to track your races and practices.  Compare your speeds and routes with other boats and see why one boat was faster.  Give us a call if you are interested.