A few photos from the two races this afternoon. The sneak peek gallery can be found here and will be updated this week with all the photos (once all 1000+ are tagged with sail numbers for search). Make sure to check back at Sail22.com for more! Also, make sure to check out Sailgroove for videos from the event and also Shawna Schaub Photography for some photos as well.

Congrats to Andy Burdick, Jim Gluek and Debbie Gluek on winning the 2010 C Scow Nationals!

One of the cool things about the Scow classes are that you can increase or decrease your crew up until the four minute warning. For race 2 today, we dropped off some of the third crews to their teams. Gotta love it!

A few crews without a third had a bit of a tough time in the breeze…

And of course, the teams were looking good!

If there weren’t enough beautiful C Scows to look at…there was classic boat eye candy too!

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