Sail22 is in Newport, RI this week for the 2010 Melges 24 Nationals and thought we’d feature some of the custom parts we have available for the Melges 24. All three make life on the Melges 24 easier!e

Sail22 Tack Deflector: Another piece of bling for your boat! The Sail22 Tack Deflector prevents the tack of your spinnaker from getting caught on the set, instead of having the bungee cord across the deck. And it looks pretty too, doesn’t it?


Jib Block Cover: This pretty piece of carbon keeps your spinnaker from being sucked into the port jib block during take downs. Your sheet runs free and clear and your kite goes away smoothly. If you’ve ever had the spinnaker stuck there, you understand why this is necessary and if you haven’t, you really don’t want it to happen (aka rips in your spinnaker and ugly mark rounding).

L-Bracket Traveler System: Ever been on the low side and needed to adjust your traveler? It’s tough…but this system allows you to do it easily. Everyone that has switched to it swears by it. It’s an easy modification to simplify the skipper’s life.

Ed FurryComment