Block Island Race Week Wrap-Up

Sunset on Delivery Back from Block Island One of the Fish We Caught

I finally had a little bit time to write a Block Island Race Week wrap up!

Ramrod had a great time at Block Island Race Week 2009 and finished up first in the Farr 40 class! The weather could have been a little better there though. The locals say they always know when it is race week because the fog rolls in and the temperature drops. Block Island is definitely a great place to visit and I wish I had seen a little bit more of the island. Hopefully next time! I did enjoy several lobster dinners (3!!!) though in a just a week ! :)

We had a good delivery back to Annapolis...the sun was out, we caught a few fish, saw a sea turtle, some dolphins and a beautiful sunset. The Delaware Bay was a little rough and there was a fair amount of ship traffic. I was very happy to be get through that section, as was the rest of the delivery crew. Overall, it was much better than the delivery I had on the way up and it was great to have Ed also on board this time.  I have to say, I was very happy to be back in Annapolis.

The day after we arrived, we helped sail test the brand new Ramrod which is a Melges 32. Look out Melges 32 class...Ramrod is coming to town! Rod had a big grin on his face the entire time. We are so happy he is joining the class, since they are such fun boats. We will be cheering them on as they gear up for their upcoming season!