C Scow Nationals 2013 | Regatta Images

This past weekend we headed up to C Scow Nationals 2013 in Pewaukee, Wisconsin hosted by the Pewaukee Yacht Club. Friday and Saturday were two days of light air racing with three races completed and today saw much nicer breeze and three more races. Congratulations to Leif & Erik Evensen & Jackie Eisenhauer, 2013 C Scow National Champions!!!

Becky was out on the water with her camera and captured images of today's racing. Check out the 2013 C Scow Nationals Gallery here with more images to be added.


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Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds 2011 Day 3 & 4 Photos

S22_4240Photos from Day 3 & Day 4 of the 2011 Melges 24 Worlds hosted by Corpus Christi Yacht Club are now added to the gallery. Congratulations go out to Uka Uka Racing on another three first place finishes over the last two days and Full Throttle for their first as well yesterday! The Sail22 Photo Gallery is now updated with additional photos from both days! Be sure to check out Sail22's Sailing Updates brought to you by New England Ropes, GT3 Creative and Sail22 to follow all of the racing action live from the race course!

Sail22 Day 2 Melges 24 Worlds 2011 Photo Gallery

S22_2949Another great day for our Sail22 clients during Day 2 of the 2011 Melges 24 Worlds hosted by Corpus Christi Yacht Club. Congratulations go out to Uka Uka Racing and Full Throttle today! The Sail22 Photo Gallery is now updated with additional photos from today! Be sure to check out Sail22's Sailing Updates brought to you by New England Ropes, GT3 Creative and Sail22 to follow all of the racing action live from the race course!


Where to Eat in Corpus Christi Texas

We always are asked by teams where they should go for breakfast, lunch and dinner at events. For the Melges 24 Worlds in Corpus Christi, Texas this week, I asked Shannon Bush for some local recommendations. We've tried a few so far and they've been great!

-La Bahia 224 North Mesquite Street (361) 888-6555 Great Mexican Breakfast!
-Hester's Cafe 1710 South Alameda Street (361) 885-0558

-Executive Surf Club 309 North Water Street (361) 884-7873
-Small Planet 3812 South Alameda Street (361) 855-1892
-Hester's Cafe 1710 South Alameda Street (361) 885-0558
-Subway 433 North Shoreline Boulevard (361) 888-8800
-Knuckleheads Good BBQ & Biker Bar 819 North Upper Broadway Street (361) 882-9997
-Shockley Market 3815 South Alameda Street (361) 851-2525
-Thai Cottage 5830 McArdle Road (361) 993-0777

Dos Comales 227 N Water St (361) 885-7702 Yummy Mexican!
-Thai Spice 523 North Water Street (361) 883-8884 Amazing traditional Thai!
-Water Street 309 North Water St # A (361) 882-8683 Seafood, teams
-Executive Surf Club 309 North Water Street (361) 884-7873 Cool bar, low-key dinner place.
-Republic of Texas 900 N. Shoreline Dr (361)886-3515 Excellent Steak.
-Katz 21 317 North Mesquite Street (361) 884-1221 For good bar & steak place.
-Mamma Mias 128 North Mesquite Street (361) 883-3773 Italian, cash only.
-Aka Sushi 415 North Water Street (361) 882-8885
-Yoshi Zushi 5898 Everhart Rd (361)980-0748
-U and I 309 S Water St (361) 883-3492
-Vietnam Restaurant 701 North Water Street (361) 853-2682
-Crawdaddy's 414 Starr Street (361) 883-5432
-Poet's 4825 Saratoga Boulevard (361) 991-4574
-Drunken Noodlez 4214 S. Alameda 361-992-1400
-Shockley Market 3815 South Alameda Street (361) 851-2525
-Thai Cottage 5830 McArdle Road (361) 993-0777
-La Playa 5017 Saratoga Blvd (361) 986-0089
-The Yardarm 4310 Ocean Dr. (361) 855-8157

Melges 24 Worlds 2011 & Sailing Updates

DSC_0002We arrived in Corpus Christi, Texas for the 2011 Melges 24 Worlds on Monday night with the Sail22 Support Trailer and a Melges 24. We hit the ground running and have the Sail22 Support Trailer set up and fully stocked to help any team. In order to support teams even more, our relationship with New England Ropes has grown with great new cordage in stock from now on and their logo on the Sail22 Support Trailer as a sponsor! We're ecstatic to have Ed's cousin, Bill Becker joining us full time at Sail22 to add even more support for teams. He's a great addition to Sail22!

In addition to being on site with the Sail22 Support Trailer, we will be providing live coverage of the mark roundings, finishes and blogging from the racing with Sailing Updates for the Melges 24 Worlds. If you haven't had a chance to it out yet, head over to Sailing Updates and see what it's all about. We're pretty proud of it and think GT3 Creative has done an awesome job making our ideas work! We've had some great feedback from the past events and know there will be many followers of the teams here in Corpus from all over the World. Look for great coverage on Sailing Updates by Sail22 (smartphone friendly even!) and Becky's photography starting soon!

Top Reasons Why Your Team Should Do Key West Race Week

Sail22 really looks forward to coming to Key West every year and we've been thinking about reasons why you should bring your team here to join us. Here are a few we came up with:

1) Tropical...warm...sun...blue water. Need we say more?

2) It's like a family reunion. We both agree that this is the regatta where we are able to catch up with the most people who we don't normally see.

3) It's hard not to have a good time here.

4) Any day sailing is a better day than being stuck behind a desk! We've both learned that.

5) Cool Boats. It's a Grand Prix event. It's always been one of THE regattas for a class to do. This year the RC 44's caught on and joined in the fun.

6) Where we are from...it's downright cold currently...and snowy. We'll take tropical any day.

7) Great restaurants, bars and entertainment of all varieties.

8 ) Premiere Racing use top Principal Race Officers and Race Committees. They are really professional in what they do.

9) Only two races a day! Plenty of time to have fun off the water.

10) Five days of racing and a parties. What other events are there in the US that give you that?

11) Excellent competition. People are excited to come from all over the world to race here...and it's not a Worlds, North Americans or any other single class event where that would happen. Where else do you see that in the US sailing scene?

I'm sure there are more...comment and add on. We're personally tired of seeing any sailing event in the US ripped and torn apart. It's not good for sailing in our country or in general. What do you think?

-Becky & Ed

22 Goals for 2011

We made up our 22 Goals list last January on Sail22 and figured this year we'd share it with both of our blogs. We checked off a bunch of things from the list, but no where near all 22. I guess we were a bit ambitious, so we'll update what we need to do and add a few more to this year's list. Make sure you read all the way to #22, because that one is VERY exciting! 1) Finish the Bus Barn: This barn had a bit of a change of plans, but we think we have it figured out now. We really needed more functional workshop space and this barn just wasn't going to cut it...plus we risked family peace if we went through with what we wanted to do. Thus, we ended up building yet another barn, known as the Sail22 Speed Barn (more on that later). Anyways, In 2010 the Bus Barn had a bit of a face lift to the outside and the renovations continued. It received a second floor loft and new roof, along with some more windows and siding. In 2011, we have plans to make it into a studio and official office for the photography side of Always Happy Life and office space for Sail22. The other side will be Ed's Dad's workshop space. We envision the inside looking like this cool barn renovation studio and will be sharing the progress with you on the blog. So excited!

2) Finish the Garage/Cave: We made significant progress on it in 2010. We're almost there!

3) Finish the Sail22 Speed Barn: The new barn we built last year for Sail22 wasn't a planned project, but we're glad we did it. It's helping Sail22 continue to grow and was a big step in our business plan for the future. Doesn't everyone need four barns? This year we need to insulate the barn, add the ceiling, a hoist and continue adding to the workshop.

4) Finish Side Porch: Still need to paint the trim completely. We did move my couch into the porch (Noisy's all time favorite nap spot!) and tables from storage and they worked out better than we could have asked for. We even found a rug too and the room definitely has a "beach" feel. We LOVE it.

5) Redo White Guest Bedroom: Our white guest bedroom didn't get a whole lot of a attention this past year...and it fact, it's still white...but 2011 it will finally be painted. We still plan to stick with the surf theme and the sheets we got for it are great. We added a duvet cover and dresser from my storage and it looks good, but we're thinking about moving our bedding up to the room when we redo our master bedroom this year.

6) Quotes on Bathroom Redos: Yep...still need them...still have ideas. We've been looking for "the tile" and "the floor". Big decisions. We don't plan to redo these again anytime soon, so we want to be absolutely positive it is how we want it.

7) Find Dining Room Chairs: We found them! Now we just have to BUY them. Here's the link to the ones we picked out from Room and Board. We even went to see them on our trip to Chicago and made them our official choice. Now to same our pennies, nickels and dimes. We know they will last us for many, many years, so it's a bit of an investment.

8 ) Kitchen Remodel Stage 3: We've been plugging away at this for a few years and in December put in our new cabinet space and bar area with an aggregate concrete countertop. Then we sat down in the kitchen and started brainstorming what to do next, which is always dangerous. Next up will be a renovation to our kitchen island with more concrete, a new professional range or cooktop (we have one in storage, just have to figure out if it will work or we need sell or use it elsewhere), a raised seating area and a big stainless hood with lights. When we do this project, we need to redo the kitchen AND dining room floors, so it's a biggie.

9) Power wash house and windows:

Definitely need to get to this in 2011.

10) Take a trip to a new country or a new area in the States: We didn't make it to a new country last year. Somehow, time flew by and we were so busy we didn't even realize it until sitting in the hot tub on New Year's Eve and discussing the year. Yikes. We did drive through some pretty cool places in the U.S.A. and there are so many amazing sights to see in our very own country. We'd love to visit Napa Valley and tick off a few National Parks in 2011. A new country would be a bonus.

11) Run a Half Marathon: Who's in? I need to run again. I ran a little in 2010, but I need to get serious about it. I really don't have any good excuses for why I didn't run. Personal lack of motivation there. I need some running buddies, even if they are virtual...and then we can all meet to run a 5K, 10K or Half. Anyone interested?

12) Road Bike & Mountain Bike More: We did some more of it, but not nearly enough. So, it's staying on the list. Not sure if we'll do another Iceman Cometh Challenge, but anything is possible.

13) Build Deck: Still in the planning stages, but we have more of a definitive plan for how we'll do it. With this will come a new set of French doors where we currently have windows. We know we'll love it, we just have to have time to do it.

14) Grow Always Happy Life Photography: This side of the Always Happy Life brand has been taking off and is such a blast! I love working with kids and families and it combines two of my favorite things. I have some great new vendors and printing options that I can't wait to share. Feel free to contact me at Becky@AlwaysHappyLife.com to set up your session.

15) Eat Healthier: We eat really well at home when we cook especially during the summer with our vegetable garden and now we have locally raised beef and fresh venison in the freezer for 2011. It's really, really, really hard on the road.

16) Exercise 4 Times Per Week: Again, a 2010 goal. Need to work harder at this one.

17) Visit More Friends: We're starting the year off working on this! Visits with the Ducker's & Maddex's in the first week of 2011. :) There are definitely more friends we need to visit.

18 ) Spend More Time at Home: Seriously, we want to be homebodies...at least a little bit. We love traveling, but it feels so good to be home. We're working on transitioning our lifestyle so that this happens more and growing our business models in ways that make it possible. In 2011, I'll be starting a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner job at A Rosie Place part-time and I can't wait to be involved there!

19) Increase Our Will Power to Save More: We've spent the last few years investing in our businesses and now we need to make a point to save more. We talk about it all the time, but we need to seriously come up with a plan for it and be hard on ourselves if we don't stick with it.

20) Give More: AlwaysHappyLife.com is meant to be a way for us to Pay It Forward. We want to volunteer more, work with more organizations and causes and give back more in 2011.

21) Balance: Many of our goals this year apply to this goal. I'm guilty of multi-tasking to the point of confusion and need to be present more in the moment. We work late into the night far too often, too many days in a row, forget about meals sometimes and miss our opportunities to exercise. We've toyed with the idea of some time of work schedule, at least when we are at home to make work and home life a better balance. I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing goal for us, but it's an important one. Part of the balance also needs to be take a vacation...but I think we'll schedule that for sure when you read #22.

22) GET MARRIED!!!!!!!!! Ed thought this would be a pretty good goal for this year...and I agreed! So...we looked at the calendar and decided June 25, 2011 will be THE day on the farm in Culver!!!

Newport Shipyard RC 44

I have to say, one of my favorite places to visit in Newport, RI is the Newport Shipyard. You never know what you're going to find there and there are always beautiful boats to look at.

We've heard a lot about the Russell Coutts 44's for awhile, but never had the chance to see the boat in person. The cool thing about this boat is the way it's designed for shipping. Not to mention, it's a sweet all carbon match racing boat!

St. Pete NOOD 2010

We had a great time this weekend in St. Pete sailing with Team Rock Steady and the Siegler's. This was our first time sailing together and we didn't even manage to get in any practice time before the event.

We arrived in St. Pete on Thursday afternoon and Beth met us at the airport in our very sweet Team Rock Steady van. Cary and Beth do an awesome job with graphic designs and vinyl as part of their GT3Creative business. The Rock Steady van is pretty cool looking with logos all over. We headed back to the St. Pete Yacht Club and met Cary & Seth who were working on the boat and had it pretty much together. We weighed in, launched the boat and headed to the hotel to check in.

Friday was a pretty disgusting day in St. Pete. The Race Committee flew the AP on shore just as we were ready to leave the dock. We hung out on the boat, tweaking things and then heard the America's Cup was playing in the club. We headed inside and watched the giant multi-hulls race. Just before the end of the match, the AP over A was flown (racing was abandoned), so we headed to lunch and a relaxing day.

Saturday was quite cold and the breeze was up. Team Rock Steady had an excellent day on the water with a 10, 7, 6, 5 even though we didn't have the greatest starts. We had an port-starboard incident just before the finish of the first race and definitely would have had a better finish, if we hadn't been hit. Luckily, Rock Steady is strong and the pole of the other boat didn't completely hole us. After dinner, we headed out for some team bonding and indoor go kart racing at Tampa Grand Prix. Seth and Ed were our speed demons, each winning one race in the three we participated in.

Sunday was much lighter and we managed to finish two races. We finished 6th overall in the regatta and are really looking forward to Miami and our next even with Team Rock Steady!!! Congrats to Doug Fisher and team for their win!

Chicago Strictly Sail

I had never been to the Chicago Strictly Sail show before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Chicago is a water loving community and the city has done a very nice job of making the waterfront accessible to everyone. The show in Chicago is held in Navy Pier, which is quite unlike the show Annapolis Boat Show and Strictly Sail Miami that I've been to. I heard from many people that I ran into that the show was approximately 25% smaller than it has been in the past and it did seem pretty small.

I started my day in the elevator with a man and his friend who had come to the show to buy a boat. He had his camera ready and he knew exactly what he wanted...something around 17 feet that could sleep 4 comfortably. And he was serious. I wonder if he found it?!? Even though the show was smaller, I do think it was a good sign that someone really did want to buy a boat and get into sailing.

I made stops at the booths of some of our vendors and had quick meetings. Of course, I had to explain to many of them why Ed wasn't there. "He's in Grenada for Grenada Sailing Festival. Poor guy, I know...Well, if it's any consolation he is racing on a J24." Luckily, I went last year and it is a great event. Can I say, I'm a little bit jealous though?!?

I met with Ron Miller from Nexus. He used to be our Tacktick rep, but has recently started at Nexus and their electronics products look interesting. We are happy to have this as an option for our clients when they are looking for new instruments.

Next up was a meeting with our rep, Nathan McKinley, from Kaenon. I ended up jumping in and helping him out as he became swamped with people wanting to check out the newest Kaenon shades. We'll be placing an order for Kaenon's to restock our supply in the next week after selling out of many of our styles at Key West Race Week. If there is anything you want us to order, let us know. Kaenon has many new styles and some great options in the lower price range now as well.

Ronstan was next and Ben Moon filled me on on the latest and greatest. The Orbit blocks, which are some of my personal favorites, have some new additions to the family. Instead of just having the becket, many now have a swivel head and shackle option. The new Jib Car Lead system look like it could be pretty sweet as well. The Carbon Battlesticks received a face lift this year too with a new grip for decreased hand fatigue.

The Melges booth was busy with both Harry, Andy and Jim Gluek showing off their beautiful boats. Melges 20 #160 and all of the scows smelled like they had just been pulled from the molds yesterday! I had my first opportunity to race on the Melges 20 at the first event of the Miami Melges 20 Winter Series in Coconut Grove in December and can't wait for my next chance! The boat is a blast and feels a lot like the Melges 24, but at the end of the event, I could still feel both of my legs! I'm definitely sold...now to figure out how Sail22 will get one. If you are offered a chance to sail on one of these great little boats, find a way to make it happen!

Spinlock has one of my favorite products of all time, the Spinlock Knee Pad. They have saved my knees so many times on the Melges 24 and Farr 40. If you don't have them, I highly recommend them. They have been upgraded a bit with a new higher density foam and are slightly more ergonomic. I am putting in an order this week to replenish the Sail22 stock for sure! Their Deck Vests are definitely the best if you are looking for an inflatable PFD and their clutches and jammers have new options for the jaws now too.

Unfortunately, I some how missed Ron Rosenberg from McLube. Look for a new McLube logo on our Sail22 trailer soon which is part of an ad that will be in Seahorse Magazine for the McLube products. I was fortunate they picked my photo to use for the ad and am looking forward to seeing it in print and on the trailer. As always, Sail22 highly recommends McLube HullKote, OneDrop and SailKote. We always have plenty in stock and samples as well, so stop by at the next event and see the new graphic and pick up a McLube sample!

A great group from the Maxinkuckee Yacht Club met at the show and visited our very own Rear Commodore, Matt Grant of SailRite. We discussed our upcoming season on Lake Maxinkuckee and then we headed to dinner at Ben Pao's. Excellent food and company!

Key West Race Week Bike Rentals Sail22 Discount!

We have arranged for Bike Rentals Key West to offer a great deal to friends of Sail22. For the past two years, they have delivered and picked-up bikes for teams. This year they are offering the same delivery service again for $55/week. This price includes road side service for any flat tires, light issues, etc.

They also have a few new deals we are excited to offer teams to make things more affordable. They will shuttle you to the Bike Rentals Key West from your house to pick up your bike and drop you off back at your team house when you return the bike. This offer is available to friends of Sail22 for $45/week. The best price option we were able to negotiate is for someone who can go on their own to and from Bike Rentals Key West...at $39/week for the rental!!!

If you are interested in any of these deals, call Bike Rentals Key West at 305-295-7777 and tell them "Becky at Sail22 sent you" in order to get the special Sail22 rates. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help arranging your team bikes.

22 Goals for 2010

We have spent some time talking this week about our 2010 goals and what we would like to accomplish. As we start our third season with the Sail22 Box Trailer, we are looking forward to a busy 2010. Some of our goals are personal, some are business related and some are just random. So, here's our list:

1) Finish the Bus Barn: This has been a labor of love by Ed's Dad. We have three barns at Sail22 headquarters in Culver, Indiana and this is by far the one with the most character. Bill started renovating it when Ed bought the house in 2007 and put in a new concrete floor that year. Since then, he has come up with some great designs for it, framed it out, added a new front door, some windows, steel siding and built a workshop. For 2010, we want to finish the barn...which means raising the roof, finishing the inside, complete with loft, kitchenette and bathroom.

2) Finish Garage/Man Cave: Lets face it...the Sail22 F250 doesn't fit in the single car garage, so it might as well be the "Man Cave". Luckily for me, Ed put in a door from our side porch to the garage this year, so I can now get there without going outside. We keep our bikes, paddle board and golf cart here, but we want to actually put up some drywall, put in a durable floor and maybe add a few windows so Ed has a place to retreat to when he wants to tinker on our toys.

3) Remodel Back Porch into storage, mudroom, office area We have an unheated oversized closet in the back of the house. We need to make it functional space for us and are thinking about making it extra storage for the kitchen, a small office area and a mudroom this spring.

4) Finish Side Porch: We started this project last spring and made a ton of progress. We basically need to put the finishing touches on the trim and find a rug. In 2009 we put in new windows, ceiling, lights, painted, door to garage and floor.

5) Paint all trim in the house that needs to be painted: Ed's Dad did a great job installing lots of new baseboards which are primed, now we just need to paint them.

6) Redo white guest bedroom: We decided to go with a surfing/beach theme for the upstairs bedrooms. One of the rooms looks great, the other needs some work. We bought new sheets already, but want to paint it, find some furniture that matches, etc. The white has served it's purpose...and was definitely better than what was there before.

7) Organize bedroom (closet, clean out clothes, buy dressers, laundry sorting). We are the worst when it comes to our bedroom. We travel so much that we are much more comfortable living out our bags than we are with having a closet, dresser, etc. So, this year, we're going to sort through our clothes, donate what we don't use, buy a dresser or two, clean the closet and try using them.

8 ) Quotes on bathroom redos Both bathrooms need to be redone. We have ideas and have talked about them, we are just a little afraid of what it may mean to rip out the bathrooms in a house that is over 100 years old. Did I mention that our master shower is under the stairs!?!

9) Find Dining Room Chairs We have some...they just need to be replaced.

10) Organize Front Closet Our front closet has a bunch of office supplies and lots of sailing gear we don't use. We started the process of cleaning it out by having a custom built desk made for our living room which should be done in February. This should help us be more organized. Cabinets, filing drawers, shelves...whohoo! We also sorted through our spare gear and have boxed it up to give to the kids at Box of Rain, one of our favorite youth sailing programs. If you have extra gear you want to donate, let us know and we'll get you connected to them. We heard that sometimes many of the kids do not have the proper gear, so they can't sail. Sail22 wants to make sure that is not the case. Do you have anything you can donate in your spare gear?

11) Power wash house & clean all windows...self explanatory...

12) Take a trip to a new country This was a goal I set for myself in 2007 and now it is a Sail22 yearly goal. We have been very fortunate to visit Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, St. Maarten and Barbados in 2009. Potential events that could help us with this goal are Etchells Worlds in Dublin, Ireland and a J24 event in Bequia.

13) Take a photography class Always more to learn. I want to work on figuring out different techniques and become a pro at using Aperture software.

14) Run a half marathon This is one of my goals. I ran the Newport Breakers marathon in October 2007 in 4:16:12. Since then, I haven't really enjoyed running and I can't say I felt that great when I finished that one which hasn't made it easy to love again. At the half way point, I felt great. I think it's a good distance to try and get back to. Ideally, I'd like to do it in under 2 hours. Time to get an iPod touch and fire up my Nike+ account again which really helped me track my mileage. Also, I'm thinking about using a coach. More to come on that.

15) Road bike & mountain bike more on a regular basis Both of us really enjoy biking, we just haven't had a regular plan for doing it. I finally got a mountain bike again this fall and went once. Ed has been busy tweaking my bike into a much better bike with carbon handlebars, a different stem, new pedals, bar ends, grips, (and this week he upgraded my frame too!). I have an awesome Rocky Mountain Element, so now we can mountain bike together. Ed's nephews and brother are also mountain biking, so we have more company. We both have road bikes and just need to get out more and use them.

16) Move stuff out of storage I put almost all of my belongings in storage in November of 2008. I wasn't really sure where life was taking me and where I would be long term. Now I know. :) We are planning to move things in the spring from storage to Culver, keep what we want to and find homes for anything we can't use.

17) Build Deck We have a great area in the back of the house and would enjoy it more if there was a deck. Ed has some ideas...

18) Launch AlwaysHappyGear.com and blog at AlwaysHappyLife.com We've been working on the logos for this and are getting ready to launch in the first quarter of 2010. Stay tuned!!!

19) Organize & shred anything we don't need Sail22 generates a lot of paperwork. We try to be as green as possible and say "No thanks" to receipts, extra papers, etc. We have moved to being a paperless company with regards to our billing system and receipts.

20) License and find a nursing/NP job in Indiana. I have been looking for a nursing job in the Culver area for a long time it seems. I recently discovered a great children's hospital in Ft. Wayne and a few NICUs in South Bend.

21) Eat healthier on the road. We are definitely guilty of eating because it's easy at a fast food restaurant versus eating healthy meals when we are traveling. We've started to try and pack a cooler with at least lunch and some fruit for when we start out. Definitely trying to eat a little healthier out to dinner too.

22) Set aside time to do more active things 4 times/week. We figure we are usually able to get our act together to go meet someone for dinner or drinks, so we should be able to do the same with going for a run, bike ride, paddle board, walk, etc.

November Already?!?!?

Can it really be November already?? What a busy year this has been and how the time has flown by! We are gearing up for the next several weeks which include heading the the Melges 24 Atlantic Coast Championships this coming weekend, Thanksgiving with our families in Culver, several meetings in Atlanta and then the Melges 32 Gold Cup or Etchells Jaguar Cup. We haven't decided which event we'll be at yet, but either way, we'll be updating from SailingUpdates.com. We'll also be in Key West again this year. Let us know if you need help with housing, team chefs, lunches, crew gear or anything else.

Check out out our photo galleries from all of the past events this year here.

Here are a few quotes from some of our teams and sponsors we've received recently about Sail22:

"Thanks for all your help u made the regatta easier and more fun for us." -Alexis Michas, Zetiana

"Thanks for all your help. We will absolutely use Sail22 again." -Kristen Lane, Team Brickhouse

"Thank you once again for always providing outstanding service to all." -Ron Rosenberg, McLube

Etchells North American's 2009

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

We're up in Toronto at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club for the 2009 Etchells North American's which start on Thursday. There are over 30 boats registered and it looks like great competition. Ed is sailing this week with Michael Gavin and Mike Wolfs and Becky will be on the water daily taking pictures. Check back for links to the galleries starting tomorrow after the practice race.

E-Scow Easterns

Lucky Dog at E-Scow Easterns

It's been awhile since either of us have sailed E-Scows, but Travis Weisleder, who Ed races Melges 24's with, recently purchased one and asked us to come join him for the E-Scow Easterns at at Bay Head and Mantoloking Yacht Clubs in New Jersey. The Boat is named "Lucky Dog", hence the fire hydrant on the spinnaker and there is a great "Lucky Dog" logo on the stern of the boat. Both logos also make appearance on the team gear we helped him to get for the team.

The breeze was pretty light for much of the racing and we definitely need some more practice when it comes to light conditions before we compete in Nationals, but in the big breeze we excelled! Thanks to Travis' parents, Sally & Brook who hosted us at their beautiful home on the river which made the event very enjoyable!

Block Island Race Week Wrap-Up

Sunset on Delivery Back from Block Island One of the Fish We Caught

I finally had a little bit time to write a Block Island Race Week wrap up!

Ramrod had a great time at Block Island Race Week 2009 and finished up first in the Farr 40 class! The weather could have been a little better there though. The locals say they always know when it is race week because the fog rolls in and the temperature drops. Block Island is definitely a great place to visit and I wish I had seen a little bit more of the island. Hopefully next time! I did enjoy several lobster dinners (3!!!) though in a just a week ! :)

We had a good delivery back to Annapolis...the sun was out, we caught a few fish, saw a sea turtle, some dolphins and a beautiful sunset. The Delaware Bay was a little rough and there was a fair amount of ship traffic. I was very happy to be get through that section, as was the rest of the delivery crew. Overall, it was much better than the delivery I had on the way up and it was great to have Ed also on board this time.  I have to say, I was very happy to be back in Annapolis.

The day after we arrived, we helped sail test the brand new Ramrod which is a Melges 32. Look out Melges 32 class...Ramrod is coming to town! Rod had a big grin on his face the entire time. We are so happy he is joining the class, since they are such fun boats. We will be cheering them on as they gear up for their upcoming season!

Block Island Race Week 2009

Block Island Race Week Dock I headed up to Block Island Wednesday on the Farr 40 Ramrod to beautiful Block Island. We had a bit of a windy and rough delivery, but all went went well and we arrived early Friday morning. The island is gorgeous and definitely worthy of exploring. Saturday and Sunday, we had very intense practice sessions which went well. Ramrod is ready to go and looking forward to a great week. Today is supposed to be the Around the Island Race, so I'll have a great view of the whole island. The forecast is for a very windy day, with a steady 20 knots and gusts to 30 knots. Hopefully we'll be able to get off the dock!

Detroit NOOD 2009

Prepping the M24 for the Detroit NOOD

We're in Detroit for the NOOD regatta this weekend. Both Ed & Becky will be sailing on Melges 24's for the event. Michael Gavin, who Ed sails Etchells with has chartered a Melges 24 to try it out. Ed's cousin, Bill Becker is also sailing with them, as is Michael's good friend, Chris Johannessen. Hopefully there will be enough breeze so that he gets a good feel for how much fun the Melges can be! Becky will be sailing with Greg McCliment on Cujo. The forecast is for the breeze to be 8-15, so it should be a great weekend.

Mt. Gay Regatta & Area K Match Racing Quarterfinals

Mt. Gay Rum Bar in Barbados Ed is on a plane off to Barbados for the annual Mt. Gay Rum Boatyard Regatta. He'll be sailing with Robert Povey on his J24 Hawkeye. Hopefully the team will have a better outcome in their home waters than they did at the J24 Worlds in Annapolis! Barbados is a gorgeous place to visit and I can honestly say I'm a bit jealous since I couldn't go.

Instead, I'll be heading to Sheboygan, Wisconsin tomorrow evening for the Area K US Match Racing Quarterfinal event to sail with Jennifer Wilson, Krista Paxon & Laura Hagan. Good thing we still have the new Sail22 Winter Hats in stock, as I think we'll be needing them! We'll have updates from both events and also try to keep everyone posted using our Sail22 Twitter.

Trip to Trinidad and Tobago

View in Trinidad

It’s hard to believe that I actually thought about not making this trip down to Trinidad.  Luckily flights were reasonable and other opportunities arose.  Becky lucked out too as her ticket was even cheaper.  And it wasn’t until this morning that I was able to add Tobago to the title as we were offered Peter’s place there for a couple of nights.  So two tickets to Tobago and tomorrow night we are off.  But not until we go to the Zen Christmas party tonight.  Supposedly nicer than the places in South Beach.  And did I mention that this little island nation has a lot going on.  The downtown is very much a big city as there are large office buildings and rush hour is a true traffic jam as I found out after arriving here at 5pm.

The people here are great and the opportunities keep coming up.  I will be updating the website soon as we now will be working with the new Southern Caribbean Circuit which includes regattas in Carriacou, Grenada and Tobago.  Unfortunately we will not be able to attend Carricou this season but will definitely make the trip in 2010.

But before I forget.  The real reason we came down here was to check on the R/P 44 Storm.  This is the race boat that I raced on last season in St. Maarten, BVI and Antigua.  This year I will add Grenada which I missed last year.  The boat looks great as the guys here at Peake Yacht Services have rebuilt almost everything and put new non-skid on and new clearcoat on the spars.  I brought down and built new spin sheets and main halyard.  The meeting with Jerome about the Southern Caribbean Circuit was planned as well.