Key West Race Week

Top Reasons Why Your Team Should Do Key West Race Week

Sail22 really looks forward to coming to Key West every year and we've been thinking about reasons why you should bring your team here to join us. Here are a few we came up with:

1) water. Need we say more?

2) It's like a family reunion. We both agree that this is the regatta where we are able to catch up with the most people who we don't normally see.

3) It's hard not to have a good time here.

4) Any day sailing is a better day than being stuck behind a desk! We've both learned that.

5) Cool Boats. It's a Grand Prix event. It's always been one of THE regattas for a class to do. This year the RC 44's caught on and joined in the fun.

6) Where we are's downright cold currently...and snowy. We'll take tropical any day.

7) Great restaurants, bars and entertainment of all varieties.

8 ) Premiere Racing use top Principal Race Officers and Race Committees. They are really professional in what they do.

9) Only two races a day! Plenty of time to have fun off the water.

10) Five days of racing and a parties. What other events are there in the US that give you that?

11) Excellent competition. People are excited to come from all over the world to race here...and it's not a Worlds, North Americans or any other single class event where that would happen. Where else do you see that in the US sailing scene?

I'm sure there are more...comment and add on. We're personally tired of seeing any sailing event in the US ripped and torn apart. It's not good for sailing in our country or in general. What do you think?

-Becky & Ed

Key West Race Week Bike Rentals Sail22 Discount!

We have arranged for Bike Rentals Key West to offer a great deal to friends of Sail22. For the past two years, they have delivered and picked-up bikes for teams. This year they are offering the same delivery service again for $55/week. This price includes road side service for any flat tires, light issues, etc.

They also have a few new deals we are excited to offer teams to make things more affordable. They will shuttle you to the Bike Rentals Key West from your house to pick up your bike and drop you off back at your team house when you return the bike. This offer is available to friends of Sail22 for $45/week. The best price option we were able to negotiate is for someone who can go on their own to and from Bike Rentals Key $39/week for the rental!!!

If you are interested in any of these deals, call Bike Rentals Key West at 305-295-7777 and tell them "Becky at Sail22 sent you" in order to get the special Sail22 rates. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help arranging your team bikes.