Charleston Race Week 2011 Favorites Photo Gallery

DSC_1819Charleston Race Week 2011 officially started today with great conditions and lots of racing. I made it out to cover all of the inshore courses and had a great ride with Andrew on Protector's new 25 foot boat. It's always wonderful to shoot from a Protector! Thanks again to Moose McClintock from Dimension Polyant for helping out with the blogging for Sailing Updates as well. He'll be joining me on the water all weekend! Check out the Favorites Gallery I've started and will be adding to until the individual class and team galleries are ready for viewing.



Melges 20's to Join Melges 24's for Sail22 Winter Tuning Event

S22_7721Sail22 will be hosting our first tuning event of 2011 in Coconut Grove, FL in conjunction with Shake-A-Leg Miami and Melges February 10-11, 2011. This event will give the Melges 20's and 24's doing the Miami Winter Regatta LOTS of practice prior to the start of it! This will also be a great session for teams training for the Melges 24 Worlds in Corpus Christi who may not be able to make the entire winter series, but want to have additional training time. The format will be a half-day on February 10th with lots and lots of starts and short course racing. Day 2 will be a two start format with longer course racing. Debriefs will be held each day. The Notice of Race is here and registration is here. The entry fee is $150. Make sure to register before February 1st to avoid the $50 late entry fee.

Top Reasons Why Your Team Should Do Key West Race Week

Sail22 really looks forward to coming to Key West every year and we've been thinking about reasons why you should bring your team here to join us. Here are a few we came up with:

1) water. Need we say more?

2) It's like a family reunion. We both agree that this is the regatta where we are able to catch up with the most people who we don't normally see.

3) It's hard not to have a good time here.

4) Any day sailing is a better day than being stuck behind a desk! We've both learned that.

5) Cool Boats. It's a Grand Prix event. It's always been one of THE regattas for a class to do. This year the RC 44's caught on and joined in the fun.

6) Where we are's downright cold currently...and snowy. We'll take tropical any day.

7) Great restaurants, bars and entertainment of all varieties.

8 ) Premiere Racing use top Principal Race Officers and Race Committees. They are really professional in what they do.

9) Only two races a day! Plenty of time to have fun off the water.

10) Five days of racing and a parties. What other events are there in the US that give you that?

11) Excellent competition. People are excited to come from all over the world to race here...and it's not a Worlds, North Americans or any other single class event where that would happen. Where else do you see that in the US sailing scene?

I'm sure there are more...comment and add on. We're personally tired of seeing any sailing event in the US ripped and torn apart. It's not good for sailing in our country or in general. What do you think?

-Becky & Ed

Sailing Updates is THE Place to Follow Melges Racing at Key West!

Sail22 is in Key West gearing up for Key West Race Week 2011 and it's breeze on today. A bit chilly today, but the forecast is looking great for next week! Ed and I will be out on the Melges 24 and Melges 32 race course with LIVE racing updates on Sailing Updates. Have you had a chance to check it out yet? We've had visitors from 52 countries stop by!

Where are you from? Do you follow from work? Home? On the Go? What kind os sponsors are you interested in? Let us know some information to help us continue to improve Sailing Updates. After all, we're doing it for you!

Here's some of the feedback we're heard so far:

-Thanks! Keep up the great work. I’m happily following along while trying to work from my desk here in San Diego.

-Sailing Updates Crew: Thanks for the great coverage!

-I have been really enjoying the updates throughout the day. You have done a great job describing the action as it happens. Wish I were out there and other than live video coverage, this is the next best thing! Keep up the great work.

-Thank you! From the one at home (someone’s gotta keeping those home fires burning) I love the updates and I thank you for providing them. The descriptions are great. Keep it up! Next best thing to being there (kinda).

Sail22 in Sailing World

Check out the April 2010 issue of Sailing World which is out now (or could be on your coffee table) for a short article about Sail22 on page 16. We are very honored to have this recognition and thankful all of our hard work is paying off! We're currently working on an article for an upcoming issue of Sailing World.

Key West Race Week Bike Rentals Sail22 Discount!

We have arranged for Bike Rentals Key West to offer a great deal to friends of Sail22. For the past two years, they have delivered and picked-up bikes for teams. This year they are offering the same delivery service again for $55/week. This price includes road side service for any flat tires, light issues, etc.

They also have a few new deals we are excited to offer teams to make things more affordable. They will shuttle you to the Bike Rentals Key West from your house to pick up your bike and drop you off back at your team house when you return the bike. This offer is available to friends of Sail22 for $45/week. The best price option we were able to negotiate is for someone who can go on their own to and from Bike Rentals Key $39/week for the rental!!!

If you are interested in any of these deals, call Bike Rentals Key West at 305-295-7777 and tell them "Becky at Sail22 sent you" in order to get the special Sail22 rates. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any help arranging your team bikes.

22 Goals for 2010

We have spent some time talking this week about our 2010 goals and what we would like to accomplish. As we start our third season with the Sail22 Box Trailer, we are looking forward to a busy 2010. Some of our goals are personal, some are business related and some are just random. So, here's our list:

1) Finish the Bus Barn: This has been a labor of love by Ed's Dad. We have three barns at Sail22 headquarters in Culver, Indiana and this is by far the one with the most character. Bill started renovating it when Ed bought the house in 2007 and put in a new concrete floor that year. Since then, he has come up with some great designs for it, framed it out, added a new front door, some windows, steel siding and built a workshop. For 2010, we want to finish the barn...which means raising the roof, finishing the inside, complete with loft, kitchenette and bathroom.

2) Finish Garage/Man Cave: Lets face it...the Sail22 F250 doesn't fit in the single car garage, so it might as well be the "Man Cave". Luckily for me, Ed put in a door from our side porch to the garage this year, so I can now get there without going outside. We keep our bikes, paddle board and golf cart here, but we want to actually put up some drywall, put in a durable floor and maybe add a few windows so Ed has a place to retreat to when he wants to tinker on our toys.

3) Remodel Back Porch into storage, mudroom, office area We have an unheated oversized closet in the back of the house. We need to make it functional space for us and are thinking about making it extra storage for the kitchen, a small office area and a mudroom this spring.

4) Finish Side Porch: We started this project last spring and made a ton of progress. We basically need to put the finishing touches on the trim and find a rug. In 2009 we put in new windows, ceiling, lights, painted, door to garage and floor.

5) Paint all trim in the house that needs to be painted: Ed's Dad did a great job installing lots of new baseboards which are primed, now we just need to paint them.

6) Redo white guest bedroom: We decided to go with a surfing/beach theme for the upstairs bedrooms. One of the rooms looks great, the other needs some work. We bought new sheets already, but want to paint it, find some furniture that matches, etc. The white has served it's purpose...and was definitely better than what was there before.

7) Organize bedroom (closet, clean out clothes, buy dressers, laundry sorting). We are the worst when it comes to our bedroom. We travel so much that we are much more comfortable living out our bags than we are with having a closet, dresser, etc. So, this year, we're going to sort through our clothes, donate what we don't use, buy a dresser or two, clean the closet and try using them.

8 ) Quotes on bathroom redos Both bathrooms need to be redone. We have ideas and have talked about them, we are just a little afraid of what it may mean to rip out the bathrooms in a house that is over 100 years old. Did I mention that our master shower is under the stairs!?!

9) Find Dining Room Chairs We have some...they just need to be replaced.

10) Organize Front Closet Our front closet has a bunch of office supplies and lots of sailing gear we don't use. We started the process of cleaning it out by having a custom built desk made for our living room which should be done in February. This should help us be more organized. Cabinets, filing drawers, shelves...whohoo! We also sorted through our spare gear and have boxed it up to give to the kids at Box of Rain, one of our favorite youth sailing programs. If you have extra gear you want to donate, let us know and we'll get you connected to them. We heard that sometimes many of the kids do not have the proper gear, so they can't sail. Sail22 wants to make sure that is not the case. Do you have anything you can donate in your spare gear?

11) Power wash house & clean all windows...self explanatory...

12) Take a trip to a new country This was a goal I set for myself in 2007 and now it is a Sail22 yearly goal. We have been very fortunate to visit Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada, St. Maarten and Barbados in 2009. Potential events that could help us with this goal are Etchells Worlds in Dublin, Ireland and a J24 event in Bequia.

13) Take a photography class Always more to learn. I want to work on figuring out different techniques and become a pro at using Aperture software.

14) Run a half marathon This is one of my goals. I ran the Newport Breakers marathon in October 2007 in 4:16:12. Since then, I haven't really enjoyed running and I can't say I felt that great when I finished that one which hasn't made it easy to love again. At the half way point, I felt great. I think it's a good distance to try and get back to. Ideally, I'd like to do it in under 2 hours. Time to get an iPod touch and fire up my Nike+ account again which really helped me track my mileage. Also, I'm thinking about using a coach. More to come on that.

15) Road bike & mountain bike more on a regular basis Both of us really enjoy biking, we just haven't had a regular plan for doing it. I finally got a mountain bike again this fall and went once. Ed has been busy tweaking my bike into a much better bike with carbon handlebars, a different stem, new pedals, bar ends, grips, (and this week he upgraded my frame too!). I have an awesome Rocky Mountain Element, so now we can mountain bike together. Ed's nephews and brother are also mountain biking, so we have more company. We both have road bikes and just need to get out more and use them.

16) Move stuff out of storage I put almost all of my belongings in storage in November of 2008. I wasn't really sure where life was taking me and where I would be long term. Now I know. :) We are planning to move things in the spring from storage to Culver, keep what we want to and find homes for anything we can't use.

17) Build Deck We have a great area in the back of the house and would enjoy it more if there was a deck. Ed has some ideas...

18) Launch and blog at We've been working on the logos for this and are getting ready to launch in the first quarter of 2010. Stay tuned!!!

19) Organize & shred anything we don't need Sail22 generates a lot of paperwork. We try to be as green as possible and say "No thanks" to receipts, extra papers, etc. We have moved to being a paperless company with regards to our billing system and receipts.

20) License and find a nursing/NP job in Indiana. I have been looking for a nursing job in the Culver area for a long time it seems. I recently discovered a great children's hospital in Ft. Wayne and a few NICUs in South Bend.

21) Eat healthier on the road. We are definitely guilty of eating because it's easy at a fast food restaurant versus eating healthy meals when we are traveling. We've started to try and pack a cooler with at least lunch and some fruit for when we start out. Definitely trying to eat a little healthier out to dinner too.

22) Set aside time to do more active things 4 times/week. We figure we are usually able to get our act together to go meet someone for dinner or drinks, so we should be able to do the same with going for a run, bike ride, paddle board, walk, etc.

Ramrod Wins the 2009 Melges 32 Gold Cup

Rod Jabin's Ramrod with Gavin Brady as tactician and crew of Mike Beasley, Joe Gibson, Ray Wulff, Ted Kaczmarski, Kate Torgerson won the Melges 32 Gold Cup 2009. This is the team's first one-design regatta after Rod took delivery of his new boat in June. The team is all made up of local sailors from Annapolis, Maryland. Much of the team comes from Rod's Farr 40 Ramrod team and they are all having a blast figuring out the Melges 32.

Joe Wood's Red from Torquay, UK was a very close second overall and Andy Lovell's New Orleans based Rougarou was third. John Taylor's Ninkasi was one point behind Rougarou and Kip Meadow's RoXanne finished fifth overall.

The final day of racing started with a light first race, which quickly shifted at the first leeward mark rounding and the breeze built to 15-20 knots. The breeze stayed up through the next two races of the day. Dalton DeVoss's Delta won the first race of the day, RoXanne won the second race and Jeff Ecklund's Star scored the third race of the day.

Our entire photo gallery can be seen on Full results are posted on and full press releases from the class can be viewed on the Melges 32 Class website.

Short & Sweet

Sail22 and are happy to bring you updates from the race course at the Melges 24 Worlds through We've used Twitter and Facebook in the past to let everyone know what is going on at the J-24 Worlds and Farr 40 North Americans. We've had lots of comments, requests and suggestions. We plan to provide short updates about mark roundings, finishes, results, links to our photo gallery and some quick videos. We hope you enjoy it!

Viper Lake Lanier Regatta Report from Team Jackpot

Here's an update from Jackpot, sponsored by

As we packed up and headed south from the cold that had now settled in Detroit Michigan, we thought about the warmer times that lay ahead of us in Lake Lanier, Georgia. We arrived at the Yacht club early Friday morning to rig Jackpot and head out to practice. While out on the water, we were joined by two or three other Vipers that stayed out with us while the wind built to 15-20 knots. We did some speed testing and practiced some boat handling manoeuvres, it was nice to be out in the fresh water again.

We woke up on Saturday morning, it was a tropical 42 degrees and raining. Although it was very cold, we completed a strong 5 races in the 12-18 knots of breeze mixed in with the osculating winds of inland sailing. There were many close battles with Umburger, Porter and Guggs throughout the day. We finished the first day on top, with a final point score of 8 (finishes of 4,1,1,1,1). Thoroughly chilled, we came into the club to have some rum drinks by the fire. There was some excellent regatta food that tasted some good old down home cooking.

Sunday rolled around with more of the same cold weather, but without the rain. In the two races held on Sunday, we continued to battle with Umburger and Porter for the first place spot. On the last take down of the first race, our Spinnaker became hooked on the sprit, but we managed to keep it in good enough shape to be able to finish the last race in first place. On the sail in, we watched a Viper gybe in big breeze and go over. It kept going and going until she turtled. That experience led me to believe that the new heavier keel and carbon rig are important additions to theboat.

The whole regatta had a very down home, blue collar feel. Everyone there was very hospitable and they did a great job of putting on a regatta. We hope to return again next year.

Sail22's Gear Must Haves for the Melges 24 Worlds

Do you have everything you need for the Melges 24 Worlds October 23-31, 2009 in Annapolis, MD? After living in Annapolis for 5 years, it can be pretty hit or miss on the weather. It's currently raining, cold (in the 40's) and there's that bone chilling dampness present in the air. I don't even think the ducks are enjoying the weather!

Last year's Melges 24 North American's were pretty cold and teams coming to the Worlds will need to be prepared. Here's our list.

Highly Recommended things to Bring or Buy: 1) Dubarry Boots -Ed has the Newports which were released this past Spring and really likes them. They retail for $299 and have more support than any other Dubarry boots. The sole is a sneaker style and they have the Gore-Tex liner to keep your feet dry! I've had the Dubarry Annapolis (discontinued) for several years and wear them all of the time. The Newport is a newer version of the Annapolis. If you don't already have Dubarry's they are one of the best investments insailing gear you can make! 2) Great Foul Weather Gear -Sail22 is proud to be a Henri Lloyd Elite Dealer. We have the full range of Henri Lloyd gear available at and have plenty of gear available,  just let us know what you'll need. We highly recommend the TP2 Alpha Shadow 2G Salopette and the TP2 Alpha Shadow 2G Smock & Hooded Smock. The nice thing about the Hooded Smock is that it is a full spray top with a built in hood with Henri Lloyd's Optivision so that you can still see with your hood up! 3) Water Resistant Shorts -This time of year is the perfect time to break out the heavier pairs of shorts. Henri Lloyd makes a great pair, the TP2 Alpha Shadow Short. Everyone that we know that has tried them raves about them. 4) Wicking Layers -Dig out your ski stuff...seriously! Base layers, vests and jackets for sure. No matter what, you are going to need them. We have lots of Henri Lloyd Atmosphere and and Featherweight shirts, along with our new favorite jacket, the Henri Lloyd Fusion Soft Shell. Many teams love the Patagonia and SLAM layers too. 5) Socks-Wool & Waterproof -Last year at the Melges 24 North American's we tried out the Dubarry wool socks for the first time. They are our favorite wool socks for sailing. We also really like our Smartwool socks and a must have is a pair of Gore-Tex Seal Skins. 6) Gloves, Hand Warmers & Winter Hats -Check out the new Henri Lloyd Stealth Winter Gloves which are made of neoprene. I can't wait to try them out! Grab some hand warmers, they really do work for warming your fingers up between races. Winter hats are a must too...we have some Sail22 ones still, let us know if you are interested! 7) All of your regular sailing gear...after is Annapolis and might be 80 and sunny... We can only hope!

Teams End Sail22 Tuning Regatta with a Look at All Conditions

Light air on Sunday provided the Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Regatta Competitors a glimpse at the full range of breeze they may experience at the Worlds later in October. At the 10am start, the breeze was around 5 knots, but tapered off on the second downwind leg. Uka Uka managed to win race 6 of the regatta, followed by Kristen Lane, Stuart Simpson, Chris Larson and Bill Hardesty. Racing was abandoned for the rest of the day at 1pm and teams headed into shore for awards.

Chris Larson's Team West Marine Rigging/New England Ropes was first overall and received a $500 gift certificate from Henri Lloyd and shoes for the entire team from Sebago. Alan Field's WTF was second overall and received shoes for the entire team from Sebago, a vest from Melges Performance Sailing and a shirt from Ullman Sails. Third overall was Bill Hardesty's Ask Vince who received shoes for the entire team from Sebago and a couple of Team McLube t-shirts.

Sarah Curran was the lucky winner of a pair of Kaenon Bolsa's after her team on Alan Field's WTF lobbied hard for her to be the very deserving winner. Sarah had broken her sunglasses on Saturday. After the awards teams hung around and enjoyed snacks and Heineken beer.

Alec from Velocitek has made a YouTube video of the 5 races on Saturday. To replay the races go to this link. For photos of the event you can go to the Sail22 Photos page. Full results are available here.

Sail22 would like to extend a special thanks to Greg Furry, Bill Becker, Andy Okun, Michelle Savage & Mike Floyd from Atlantic Rigging, Rod Jabin from Jabin's Yacht Yard, Jon Forst and Gavin O'Hare for their generosity in helping to make the Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta a success. We would also like to thank our wonderful sponsors: Henri Lloyd,Annapolis Sailing School, Velocitek, West System Epoxy, Kaenon Polarized, Rite in the Rain,Heineken,Atlantic Rigging, Sebago, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Ullman Sails, Astral Buoyancy,McLube,WRI Weatherand

Sail22 M24 Tuning Regatta Day 2 Report

Another great day on the water today for the Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta. Conditions were ideal with 18-22knots breeze early and a little lighter late in the day before the breeze built again. We were able to run 5 full races with 2 starts per race and for kicks we threw in another set of starts so teams could race into the harbor. Chris Larson on USA 655 West Marine Rigging/New England Ropes is in first place, with Alan Field's team on WTF in second, followed by Bill Hardesty on Ask Vince, Peter Lane's Brickhouse 539, Argyle Campbell's Rock N Roll, Simon Strauss' Simplicity, Guy Mossman's Battle Rhythm, Stuart Simpson's Team Barbarians, Kristin Lane's Brickhouse 623 and Rome Kirby's USA 620 rounding out the top 10. Five races seemed to have worn out a lot of the sailors but there were zero complaints at the debrief as the teams took full advantage of the opportunity to get in lots of practice for the upcoming World Championship. The day ended with a great debrief and Alec Stewart from Velocitek replayed some of the racing from the data collected on the Velocitek's on the water. Teams contributed to the information about the conditions on the water and Sail22 was able to support teams with giveaways of gear from the sponsors of our event. We look forward to more racing tomorrow as we will aim for 3 to 4 races. Full Results and Photos.

The Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta is very grateful to our wonderful sponsors: Henri Lloyd,Annapolis Sailing School, Velocitek, West System Epoxy, Kaenon Polarized, Rite in the Rain,Heineken,Atlantic Rigging, Sebago, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Ullman Sails, Astral Buoyancy, McLube,WRI Weatherand

Sail22 M24 Tuning Regatta Day 1 Report

It was a beautiful day for day one of the Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta in Annapolis. Teams were able to get in four races with thirteen starts in total in a nice southerly sea breeze of 12-15 knots with puffs up to 20 knots. Throughout the day 18 teams participated and were coached by Dave Ullman throughout the racing. Check out today's photo gallery here. This evening was a great local weather talk from North Sail's Allan Terhune which was well received by the teams.

The Sail22 Melges 24 Worlds Tuning Regatta is very grateful to our wonderful sponsors: Henri Lloyd, Annapolis Sailing School, Velocitek, West System Epoxy, Kaenon Polarized, Rite in the Rain, Heineken,Atlantic Rigging, Sebago, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Ullman Sails, Astral Buoyancy, McLube, WRI Weatherand

July in Indiana

DSC_0199 We were lucky to spend most of the month of July at the home base of Sail22 in Culver, Indiana. I have been visiting Culver for most of the summer and Ed has been really enjoying being home. We have been busy though, but it's so nice to work from "home"! Ed's sister, Megan has joined our Sail22 Team to help us keep up with things. We are excited to have her working with us.

Ed's Sister...Our Newest Member of the Sail22 Team

Kayak Trip with the Oldest Nephews


We are back on the road again with our late Summer and Fall looking very busy and some very exciting news coming on the Sail22 front!

The Annapolis NOOD Report

Daniel & Ed in Annapolis This year we had a special guest join us for the Annapolis NOOD. Ed’s oldest nephew, Daniel, age 9, came to Annapolis with Grandpa to sail with his uncle on Michael Gavin’s Etchells. He must have been good luck because they won a race and also finished 2nd in another race! This was Daniel’s first time on a keel boat and he did a great job. Hopefully we will have him come sail again and in the future the other nephews and niece as they get a little bit older.

Becky ended up sailing Melges 24’s with Pieter Tiesler on Bliksem. Pieter currently owns a Melges 32 and chartered the M24 to try it out. He and the team definitely had fun and we hope to see them in the Melges 24 class again soon!