SOAK Halyard Clip

SOAK sent us a sample of their new Halyard Clip and all we have to say at Sail22 is...what's not to like about it!?!? A simple, practical solution to an always nagging problem for any boat that hatch flies their spinnaker. It's $19.95 and available in our store. We'll even ship it to you for free in the US! We ordered a batch, but they are going get your order in today. We'll have some at Bacardi Cup next week, so feel free to stop by the Sail22 Support Trailer at Shake-a-Leg and check one out in person. Ed's using it this weekend on the Etchells in San Diego, so he'll be able to tell you all the details!

Sail22 Tips & Tricks: A Way to Lighten Your Boat

Sail22 Tip & Trick: Using aluminum ferrules is a great way to lighten up the purchase on vangs, backstays and other systems. You can buy ferrules or sometimes even just use sailmakers thimbles. The breaking strength on a ferrule is much higher than a wire block and they are less expensive and much lighter.

Sailmakers Thimble and 5mm Ferrule

As long as it isn't a purchase system that is being using all of the time, a ferrule will not wear out your lines. Part of the reason for this is the larger circumference on the ferrule. If you need ideas where you can use one on your boat or you just want to buy them, let us know. You can save a lot of money while lightening things up. If you know how to splice you can save even more. But don't try this if you aren't comfortable with your splicing ability. Have Sail22 do it for you or contact your local rigger.

5mm Ferrule with a Dyneema loop spliced on for easy attachment to a padeye. Common ferrule sizes are based on the rope size needed.

5mm OD: 24mm ID: 10mm Width: 10mm Weight: .01 lbs Deforms at: 2,500lbs 6mm OD: 29mm ID: 11mm Width: 13mm Weight: .02 lbs Deforms at: 7000 lbs 8mm OD: 36mm ID: 14mm Width: 16mm Weight: .04 lbs Deforms at: 12,500lbs 9mm OD: 46mm ID: 20mm Width: 18mm Weight: .08 lbs Deforms at: 15,000lb 10mm OD: 54mm ID: 24mm Width: 22mm Weight: .10 lbs Deforms at: 17,500lbs 12mm OD: 64mm ID: 26mm Width: 24mm Weight: .20 lbs Deforms at: pulled to 20,000 lbs with no deformation

Sail22 Tips & Tricks: McLube Hullkote

We're off to the C-Scow Nationals this weekend at Chautauqua Lake and figured we share a favorite Sail22 Scow Spa trick. Did you know that McLube's Hullkote is not only great for go fast bottoms, but also works as an amazing degreaser and cleaner?

The great thing about Hullkote is that it is citrus based is better for both you and the environment. Since citrus is a natural degreaser, it quickly works to remove the grime. Think about the smell and feel of the petroleum based teflon polishes. You might as well bathe your hands in gasoline with the traditional teflon product, but not with Hullkote, which has a fresh citrus scent (smells like oranges!) and cool lime green color. Click here for the directions for normal application of McLube's Hullkote and here for the product specs which detail the how/why it works.

Whenever we have a really dirty spot on a boat, we'll grab our favorite bottle of Hullkote and a rag and make a paste over the spot. If the whole boat is dirty (think city grit in Chicago or the lovely jet fuel in Annapolis), we'll spray the boat down and then use the Hullkote to get her clean and fast. If the spot is really, really bad, apply the Hullkote liberally a second time, let it dry a little (it will be a light green, so it's easy to find), break out your buffer or some elbow grease and you should be sparkling.

We'll have plenty of McLube products at C-Scow Nationals, so look for us in our Sail22 shirts for a sample!

Tuesday Tips & Tricks: West System Six10

We're starting a new Tuesday tradition at Tips & Tricks where we'll share with our readers about some of the how-tos to make your life easier.

So, here it goes, in our first Sail22 Tips & Tricks post we want to introduce you to a favorite product we often use in the Sail22 Speed Barn by West System called Six10 Epoxy Adhesive. The boys and girls up at West System up in Bay City, MI have made using their epoxy much easier. The simple concept that we have seen from Plexis and other companies with the fancy mixing tip has been incorporated by West System for everyone's all important boat building needs. All you need is a tube of West System's Six10 Epoxy and a basic caulk gun. Screw on the tip and you are good to go. The tube is pre-measured to dispense exactly the right amounts of each part into the tip and mix it all together. If you have a bigger project like putting a hull-deck seam together this is your best option. The mixing tip allows you to squirt the thickened epoxy right were you need it. If you have a little project that only requires a small amount of epoxy, there is no longer a need to pull out the boat building kit anymore! Just use West System's Six10 Epoxy without the mixing tip and squeeze out your desired amount into a mixing cup. Once again, the tube is super smart and gives you the correct portions of each of the two parts to make a great thickened epoxy ready for anything. Just mix it up with a stir stick and you are ready to go!

We're doing free shipping on West System Six10 for the month of June. So give us a call to order at 574-889-0022 or email us at and we'll send it out right away!

West System provides some great informational tutorials online with video instruction as well here. Make sure you check it out and learn all about this Sail22 Speed Barn favorite!