Sail22 Tips & Tricks: McLube Hullkote

We're off to the C-Scow Nationals this weekend at Chautauqua Lake and figured we share a favorite Sail22 Scow Spa trick. Did you know that McLube's Hullkote is not only great for go fast bottoms, but also works as an amazing degreaser and cleaner?

The great thing about Hullkote is that it is citrus based is better for both you and the environment. Since citrus is a natural degreaser, it quickly works to remove the grime. Think about the smell and feel of the petroleum based teflon polishes. You might as well bathe your hands in gasoline with the traditional teflon product, but not with Hullkote, which has a fresh citrus scent (smells like oranges!) and cool lime green color. Click here for the directions for normal application of McLube's Hullkote and here for the product specs which detail the how/why it works.

Whenever we have a really dirty spot on a boat, we'll grab our favorite bottle of Hullkote and a rag and make a paste over the spot. If the whole boat is dirty (think city grit in Chicago or the lovely jet fuel in Annapolis), we'll spray the boat down and then use the Hullkote to get her clean and fast. If the spot is really, really bad, apply the Hullkote liberally a second time, let it dry a little (it will be a light green, so it's easy to find), break out your buffer or some elbow grease and you should be sparkling.

We'll have plenty of McLube products at C-Scow Nationals, so look for us in our Sail22 shirts for a sample!