J/70 North Americans 2013 | Regatta Support & Parts

We're back in one of our favorite places this week for the first ever J/70 North American's which is being hosted by the Annapolis Yacht Club! Although we decided not to bring the Sail22 Support Trailer to the event due to space limitations (there are 90 boats here!!!), but we have brought all of the parts you may need. We are fully stocked with covers, upgrades and spare J/70 parts (mast, boom, stanchions, mast plates, etc) as the J/Boats Mobile Resource Center.

C Scow Nationals 2013 | Regatta Images

This past weekend we headed up to C Scow Nationals 2013 in Pewaukee, Wisconsin hosted by the Pewaukee Yacht Club. Friday and Saturday were two days of light air racing with three races completed and today saw much nicer breeze and three more races. Congratulations to Leif & Erik Evensen & Jackie Eisenhauer, 2013 C Scow National Champions!!!

Becky was out on the water with her camera and captured images of today's racing. Check out the 2013 C Scow Nationals Gallery here with more images to be added.


Need help with logistics for your next regatta? Parts for your boat? Crew Gear? We want to make sure our clients have exactly what they need and have their questions answered. We are specialists in the J/70, J/80, Melges 24, Melges 20, Etchells, C-Scow and MC Scows along with many larger race boats. We’re quick to respond by email and also available by phone. Please feel free to contact Ed & Becky Furry directly at 574-889-0022 or by email at info@sail22.com.

Charleston Race Week 2013 | Regatta Support


It's that time of year again when we head to Charleston for the ever growing Charleston Race Week. Last year, we were demo sailing the J/70 out and about on the race course and this year there are 56 registered to be on the starting line!!! How awesome is that? And on top of an extremely strong J/70 fleet, are the Melges 24, Melges 20 and Viper 640 fleets with 37, 34 and 37 teams as well. No question about it, that this will be another excellent event with everyone coming together for lots of racing in beautiful Charleston.

We're here again working with our regular teams and some new ones from the J/70 fleet. We have some great new products and covers for J/70 teams and the Sail22 Support Trailer is fully stocked to service any of your needs. We have pre-orders ready for pick-up and will be based at Patriot's Point starting on Wednesday. As always, Harry, our director of marketing will be on site for greeting clients. On behalf of the whole Sail22 team, we're looking forward to seeing you soon!


Here are a few images from Bacardi Miami Race Week to get you excited about the upcoming racing this week. I've been a bit swamped and haven't had a chance to get the images from Miami uploaded yet, but there are some great ones. Enjoy!



Need help with logistics for your next regatta? Parts for your boat? Crew Gear? We want to make sure our clients have exactly what they need and have their questions answered. We are specialists in the J/70, J/80, Melges 24, Melges 20, Etchells, C-Scow and MC Scows along with many larger race boats. We’re quick to respond by email and also available by phone. Please feel free to contact Ed & Becky Furry directly at 574-889-0022 or by email at info@sail22.com.

Key West Race Week 2013 | Regatta Support


We've been in Key West since last Monday and have been so busy, we haven't had a chance to write about it! Always one of our favorite regattas and this year we're excited to have the J/70 Class joining in on the fun. It's great to meet many clients we have been working with on their new J/70's for upgrades and covers, as well as some new owners in the Melges 24 class who are also here. We're based in Truman Annex at the mobile marina and will be there throughout the week. Ed and I are racing together on the J/70 Surge with Geoff Pierini and looking forward to a great week. The demo boat, USA 14 is chartered to Bob Hughes of Heartbreaker, so keep an eye out for both. Bill Becker will be available for any needs during the day when we are on the water and can be reached at 219-617-2275.  As always, you can email us at info@sail22.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Need help with logistics for your next regatta? Parts for your boat? Crew Gear? We want to make sure our clients have exactly what they need and have their questions answered. We're quick to respond by email and also available by phone. Please feel free to contact Ed & Becky Furry directly at 574-889-0022 or by email at info@sail22.com.

J/70 Options & Upgrades Price List & Regatta Support | Sail22 J/Boats Support

Our list of Sail22 parts and upgrades for the J/70 continues to grow! Here's a list only of options that are available for the boat. Can you tell that we really don't sleep much? Our minds are always churning up ideas of ways to make sailing easier and more enjoyable for our clients. Please feel free to ask us any questions. We love to help!

Sail22 J70 Options Price List

Please see many of these updates with images & descriptions: http://www.Sail22.com/J70

We will be at all of the J/70 Winter Circuit Events to provide support for the fleet as the J/Boats Mobile Resource Team.We hope to see you there!

Quantum Key West Race Week- Key West, FL | January 20-25, 2013 Sperry Topsider St Petersburg NOOD Regatta- St Petersburg, FL | February 17-19, 2013 Bacardi Miami Sailing Week- Coconut Grove, FL | March 7-9, 2013 Sperry Topsider Charleston Race Week- Charleston, SC | April 18-21, 2013 Sperry Topsider Annapolis NOOD Regatta- Annapolis, MD | May 3-5, 2013

Sail22 is pleased to offer logistics services to J/70 teams. We offer full service packages which include boat transport, set-up, launch, haul and break down to travel to the next event or we can customize logistics to meet your individual team's needs (ie. only rig & launch or break down of boat). Our company has worked with many teams from all over the World in various one-design classes to make regattas easier and more enjoyable for teams. Rigging and boat prep of the J/70 starts at $300 and everything else is customized. We will be supporting the J/70 in conjunction with J/Boats in Key West, St. Pete, Miami, Charleston & Annapolis for the class events. Please feel free to email us at info@Sail22.com or call 574-889-0022 to discuss your upcoming regatta needs or questions on upgrades.

Sail22 J/70 Regatta Services Rig, wash boat & Launch - $300 Apply Hullkote with Hullkote included - $100 Haul, Clean, De-rig and prep for trucking - $300 Transport of J/70 between events- Ask for quote Storage in Florida between events - options starting at $140/month Ask for Everything on the list and get it all at a 10% discount!

The New C Scow for 2013

As the C Scow Class President, Ed was invited up to Melges in Lake Geneva, WI for the first sail of the new 2013 C Scow. We have a 1998 C currently and it's a great boat...but we'll be looking to upgrade soon! We had a beautiful late Fall afternoon...crisp, medium breeze and a little bit of sun here and there. Ed sailed with Jim Gluek on the 2013 C Scow and Andy Burdick & Matt Pistay sailed the 1999 C Scow (B-16), which was known to be a fast boat. The rig for the new C was borrowed from Paul Reilly, as it was felt to be a good rig and the new C Scow mast die isn't finished (new masts in January 2013), so we weren't able to test a new rig quite yet.

The new C is about 20 pounds lighter in the bow, due to the adjustable forestay being replaced with a fixed forestay. Why you ask? Well, one big reason is to keep water out of the bow of the boat and the adjustable forestay was a big entry point. Take all of that hardware out and replace with a simple, lightweight turnbuckle and it's a big difference. The reason for the effort to lighten up the bow of the C Scow dates back to Melges switching over to their M-Preg process which infuses the fiberglass with resin leading to a more even distribution, however this results in less control to keep the ends lighter.  C Scow sailors felt that the 1998-2000 boats were better due to this.  Sailing the C in big waves can be a challenge as the flat bow likes to dive into the waves.  Keeping the weight out of the bow if very important in these conditions. The sailors asked for this and Melges listened.  The bow of the 2013 C Scow we tested also had no rub rail, again to keep water and weight out of the bow. And besides, the boats really shouldn't be hitting other boats or the dock, right? It's rare to find another sailboat with a rub rail these days...but if you really want one, you can have it added as an option. Another big update is the use of cubetainers in the bow of the boat for buoyancy to replace the styrofoam that was previously used. This will help with weight, especially as the boat ages, as there isn't any foam to absorb water. Now that the class has approved Carbon tillers and tiller extensions, they will also be options for the 2013 C Scow. Other options for the 2013 C Scow include a gray deck and also a Soft Deck (they are great, we make them for other Melges boats and the new J/70) which means it's now super comfortable to sail barefoot on those hot summer days.  The only other change was with the outhaul.  It is back on the boom right above the crew and easy to use without extra rigging to get it back to the skipper.  I'm sure if you like the old style, it is still an option.

Becky was on the water with Harry Melges during the test sail and her camera. Check out her gallery of the New 2013 C Scow for more pictures from the test sail.

So now the sailing side of things.  The new 2013 boat felt great.  Having Jim Gluek driving didn't hurt things! As every new boat should feel great and work very well, it did.  But aside form just having that "new boat feel", everything just worked very smooth.  We had pretty consistent breeze and small waves since we had the lake to ourselves.  It truly was a perfect day for the initial sail.  The bow on the new boat was noticeably lighter in the bow.  Some of the photos may not give it justice.  If you look at crew weight I was in the front with Jimmy driving so much more weight forward than Andy and Matt who had their weight reversed from us. The leeward bow rail was skipping off the waves more with the waves breaking back about a foot.  When we switched boats there was some splash forward even when I was driving with Jimmy crewing.  Both boats were definitely fast and there really wasn't a huge speed advantage for either boat.  This is a good thing, as the goal is to make the new boat perform like the 1999 and not exceed it.  With a new mast that might change the game a little. Downwind the boats were very similar in speed.  After over a mile the boats were right with each other.  This is a great thing as a slower boat would definitely be pushed back after that kind of time.  I think the big test will come in wavy conditions.  Even if these two boats are the same speed in medium breeze and small waves, that will change when the waves pick up.  This is the selling factor for a new boat.  The stiffness of a new boat will come into play as the waves get bigger and the breeze builds.  This is just a fact and a good thing to get new boats on the line.  My end reaction is my boat is a great boat.  But it is a 1998 that is fairly lightly used.  If I had the time to sail C's more and the money I would buy a new boat for sure.  Melges does a great job building solid boats and my 15 year old boat is definitely not going to be as fast as a new boat.  Yet, the simplicity of the new forestay that is still easy to change between races sells me.  I also like the fact that there no place for water to enter the boat from the bow now.  I am actually thinking about removing my bow rail to keep water out of my boat. Regardless, I'll be adding a carbon tiller and tiller extension since they are cool and will be less maintenance than the current wood ones.

The new C stays true to the previous C Scows without changes that will make older boats outdated and definitely keeps the boat fast and fun. Melges is taking orders for the 2013 C Scow...give Andy or Harry a call and tell them how excited you are for the new updates...and go sail a C...new or old, you'll have a blast!

J70 Parts & Upgrades

Sail22 J/70 Parts

Sail22 has been working with J/Boats on the J/70 for over a year.  We were lucky enough to be some of the first to sail these great new rocketships and are working with Stearns Boating in the Midwest to sell the boats.  The boat in the photos are of Hull #14, which is our demo boat.  We are using this boat to not only demo and sell J/70’s, but also to work with the boat to create some aftermarket products that will help you rig, sail, transport and enjoy your J/70 to it’s fullest.

If there is something you are looking for and don’t see it here please shoot us a note at info@sail22.com or feel free to call us at 574-889-0022. There is a good chance we have something in the works!

For a simple detailed price list of all of our offerings for parts and logistics including new items not pictured below, please go to our J/70 Options & Upgrades Price List.

Covers & Bags

J/70 Travel Mooring Cover - $940

J/70 Travel Bottom Cover - $998

J:70 Companionway CoverJ70 Spin Launch BagJ70 Hatch Board Bag

J/70 Padded Boom Bag - $60 *** J/70 Rudder Cover - $60  ***  J/70 Tiller Cover - $40  *** Spreader Bag $40 ***

J/70 Companionway Cover $55 *** UV Jib Sock $180 *** J/70 Mast Bag $225 (Spreader on Version $250)***

Turnbuckle Cover $15 *** Shroud Bag $35 *** Forward Hatch Cover $40  *** Sheet Bags $20 Small/$25 Large ***

J/70 Mast Pad $60 *** Padded Hatch & Board Bag $100 *** Forestay Turnbuckle Cover $15 ***

J/70 Spinnaker Launch Bag $200 (Mounting hardware kit $30) *** Keel Crane Bag $280 ***Ronstan Drink Holder $15 ***

Ronstan Winch Handle Pocket $34 Ask about other J/70 covers & bags we are working on.


Sail22 Harken Engine BagSail22 Harken Torqueedo Engine Bag

Padded Engine Bag $200 *** Designed for a Honda 2.0, but will fit any engine in the 2-2.5hp range. Also available for Torqeedo engines. Padded and vinyl for quick clean up in case of fuel or oil spillage. Handles to carry and also to secure.

J/70 Keel Crane Bracket for Trailer

J/70 Mast Bunk - $700 - Low position for travel and high position for rigging and stepping.  A much safer and easier way to rig and travel with your J/70.

Keel Crane Bracket Kit $100 - Secure your keel crane to the trailer for travel outside the boat.

J:70 Third Hands & Keepers

J/70 Third Hands with Keepers - $100 pair - Allows you to tune your rig without pulling out tools.  Locks the top of the rigging wires.

J/70 Shroud Locks - $40 - These little guys go between your open body turnbuckles to keep them from spinning.

Easily removed without tools so you can spin your rig up or down & know your rig settings will stay where you left them.

Sail22 Rig Tuning Tool - $40 - Keeps your turnbuckles from being beat up.  Keep this in your PFD for quick rig tuning.

No need to use a screwdriver to put turns on any more!

J70 Cross Sheeting Kit

The Sail22 Cross Sheeting Kit $95 includes the cleats, risers and fasteners to install. Allows cross sheeting for the jib (legal November 2012).

Sail22 Full Service Rigging - Ask about custom rigging to make your J/70 easier to sail, rig and de-rig.

J/70 Outhaul with Sail22 Dogbone - $60                   J/70 Continuous Spinnaker Sheets tapered w/ tail- $250

J/70 Tapered Main Sheet - $145

J/70 Tackline with Sail22 Dogbone $150


Clew Blocks - $75 (29 mm); $95 (40 mm)- Can be used on any sailmaker's jib. Keep an extra set on your boat just in case. We splice 2 Harken T2 29’s

together which can be looped through the clew of the sail. Easy to hook up and replace if you blow one up on the water.

J70 Mainsheet 6-1 Purchase Kit

J/70 6:1 Mainsheet Purchase Block & Soft Shackle Kit $145: Allows for ease of sheeting in heavier air. This set-up can be dropped to 5:1 in seconds for light air and added again just as easily.

Sail22 Goodies - Soak Halyard Clip - Dog Bones - Scar Pins - Third Hands - Ferrules - Rig Locks

Soak Halyard Clip $20 *** Sail22 Soak Dog Bone (Red, Green, Gray, Blue) 8mm $23, 10mm $25, 12mm $27 ***


The Sail22 J/70 Soft Deck Kit $750. Soft non-absorbent high density foam kit provides traction to the deck instead of traditional non-skid. Easier on lines, gear and people!

Dock Boxes / Trailer Boxes - $700 - Available in Grey, White and Beige. Ask about custom graphics for your dock box!

Mounting brackets to attach any dock box to your J/70 Trailer ($180 per set/box).


The Sail22 Harken Soft Dock Box. While working with Harken to design the covers for the J/70 we created this portable soft dock box with lightweight tent pole structure. Loops on the side to secure to the dock and a top flap that zips on the front to keep water from entering. The bottom is also water resistant to help keep your gear dry when it's on the dock. Available in sizes small $300 and large $450.

J/70 Lifting Straps (2 needed) - $120/set. No shackles needed. Just loop through and hoist.

Sail22 First Aid Kit - $125 - Custom built to meet all of your on the water needs without extra fillers that you won’t use

and comes in a waterproof case to it will last until you need it.

Tacktick & Velocitek Dealer

Sail22 J70 Carbon Mast Bracket for Velocitek ProStart or Tacktick MicroSail22 Carbon Pro Start BracketSail22 J:70 Carbon Tacktick Bracket

Velocitek Pro Start $599 *** Tacktick Micro Kit $499 *** Sail22 Carbon Mast Bracket for Velocitek Pro Start or Tacktick Micro $150

Velocitek Pro Start Metal Bracket $50 *** Tacktick Wireless Micronet Race Master System w/ Speedo & Depth $1639.99

J70 Vinyl Boat Graphics & Logos

Custom boat graphic vinyl stickers for the J/70. Please ask for quote.

***We ship all over the world! Please feel free to inquire about shipping estimates!***

J/70 Demo Sailing in Bristol, RI | Sail22 J/Boats Resource Center

Since we are working with J/Boats on the brand new J/70, we headed up to Bristol, RI to test sail hull #1 (USA 1) and #2 (USA 2) with the sailmakers and the team from J/Boats. Our verdict....we think you're going to love the J/70!!! It's everything and more with J/Boats true attention to details in all aspects of the boat. CCF has built another solid member to the J/Boat family. A boat will be headed to Charleston Race Week for demo sails, so let us know if you're interested. We'll be happy to help arrange a chance to try it out if it is possible. We have USA 14 on order as part of our work with Stearns Boating from Chicago to bring the J/70 to the Midwest. We'll be arranging demo sails at various locations throughout the summer and the boat will be based at Sail22 Headquarters in Culver, Indiana. If you'd like to take USA 14 out for a test sail this summer, please send us an email to info@sail22.com or feel free to give us a call. We'd love to hear from you! For more information on the latest J/70 news, make sure to visit the J/70 website.

We are already working to put together upgrades for the J/70, including our Sail22 J/70 Soft Deck Kit and upgraded Sail22 Race Rigging options!

Sailing World's video features a Sail22 cameo, as we sailed USA 2 with Jeff Johnstone, while Sailing World's Dave Reed and Meredith Powlison were on USA 1 with Kerry Klingler of Quantum Sails. Dave's Sailing World review of the J/70 can be found here. Sail Magazine's team also did a demo sail while we were there. They had big smiles in the big breeze. Read Adam Cort's J/70 article here. The reviews speak well of this spirited family boat!

Stu Johnstone put together another video showing off a little more fun with the J/70's. Definitely shows off how balanced and responsive these little boats are in some breeze!

Becky spent some time photographing the J/70's in and out of the water. Enjoy!

And the Winners Are.... | Sail22 Grab Bag Giveaway

Lots of entries for the Sail22 Grab Bag Giveaway!!! We'll have to do this again soon! Thank you everyone for spreading the word and participating in the giveaway. We made up a few extra grab bags, so if you're at Bacardi Miami Sailing Week or know someone who is, tell them to stop by the Sail22 Support Trailer and pick one up. We'll give them out until they are gone!

If you're a winner, please contact us in the next 48 hours (ie. by Saturday at noon) at info@sail22.com. Please send us your full name, address and phone # for shipping within the United States. If we'll be seeing you here at Bacardi, Etchells Nationals or Charleston Race Week, please just let us know and we'll hold it for you to pick-up. If you do not contact us within 48 hours, we'll be drawing a new winner. Remember, we're trying to clean out the Sail22 Support Trailer, so we want to ship out everything as soon as possible!

Now...on to the winners! Congratulations to the following Sail22 Grab Bag Winners:

Rosemary Metzger

Broony Daniels

Sam Richmond

Kelly Monahan

Jeff Carpenter

Matthew Princing

Lynz Boston

Frank McCarthy

KLM (Not sure of your name...)

Jorgen Wathne

Sail22 Grab Bag Giveaway | Always happy. Never satisfied.®

We work with some great companies in the sailing industry and they often give us goodies to promote their companies. Our cup runneth over right now as the saying goes, so it's time for a big giveaway! We also have some extra Sail22 branded things which we added to the giveaway. Grab bags are all different and may include stickers, t-shirts, hats, visors, small bags, product samples, Sail22 Gift Certificates, a Sail22 First Aid Kit, gear, shoes and more. The average value per bag is over $50! We are lucky to work with these great companies who support us: Harken, McLube, Ronstan, Sailrite, Ullman Sails, North Sails, Quantum Sails, Sebago, Hall Spars & Rigging, Boeshield, Gill and New England Ropes. There are 10 Grab Bags in the contest and every bag has at least three items in it!!! It's easy to enter:

Here’s what you need to do to enter to win…

Please leave ONE comment below this blog post stating that you completed step 1 below (leave only one comment please). That ONE comment will serve as your giveaway entry.

1. Like Sail22 on Facebook (if you don't already) and make this your status: “Go check out @Sail22 at www.Sail22.com to enter to win a grab bag of sailing goodies!” and leave ONE comment on the blog about what you hope we have in our goodie bags!

Be sure to type the @ symbol before Sail22 to link to our page.



1. Share a link to this blog post on your favorite Forum or Twitter. Then come back and tell us you did by leaving a link with a separate (second) comment in the comments section below.

2. Visit our little Always Happy Life / Sail22 shop and have a look around and then come back here and leave ONE comment letting us know why you want to win and what products you would add to your shopping list!

3. Go to Sail22 Photography and pick out your favorite photo. Click the Share button below the photo and put in the message "Check out the @Sail22 photography galleries from www.Sail22.com & be entered in a great giveaway!" for Facebook or for Twitter "Check out the @Sail22 photography galleries from www.Sail22.com & be entered in a great giveaway!"

4. Like Always Happy Life on Facebook. Leave another comment here to let us know you are a fan or just became one.

You can have five chances to win with the bonus entries! Good Luck!!!

The Sail22 Giveaway starts today and will end on March 7th at midnight (EST). The winners will be selected by random number generator and announced here on the blog on March 8th . The winners will have 24 hours to claim their winnings or another winner will be selected.

This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Participants are providing information to Sail22 and not to Facebook.

***Shipping of giveaway grab bags is free in the United States. Winners out of the US can pick up their bags at a future regatta.***

Key West Race Week 2012 Galleries Are Posted | Sail22 Photography

All photo galleries are finally posted from Quantum Sails Key West Race Week 2012! I was out on the water for each day of racing and have tagged every image with a team name and sail number if possible. Click the link (in red) below a photo to be taken directly to the gallery with that tag. The Division 1 Gallery included the TP52, Farr 40, Mini Maxi, Farr 400, and IRC classes. Definitely an exciting course to be out on and the conditions were great during the week.

A TP52 Start

The brand new McConaghy 38 owned by Rob & Sandy Butler with Marty Kullman driving.

Ran going downwind. A favorite of mine!

The Division 2 Gallery showcases the Melges 24 and Melges 32 classes. Always great one design racing with those fleets and fun to watch as well. Congratulations to Bora Gulari & his team on the Melges 24, West Marine Rigging New England Ropes and to John Kilroy and his team on Samba Pa Ti.

Melges 24 Start at Key West Race Week.

Congrats to Samba Pa Ti, winner's of the Melges 32 class and Boat of the Week!

Bora Gulari and team headed to yet another win. They were tough to beat!
The Division 3 Gallery includes the J/80's, Farr 30's, PHRF and J/Boats (J/109, J/122, J/111, J/120) classes. A big variety on this course for sure and great to see more one design classes on the water at the event! As always, Key West was great to see everyone, as it's always a bit of a reunion. We're already looking forward to next year!

Looks like the Farr 30 Groovederci was having fun out there!

Mental and Wicked, both J/111 boats were very competitive with each other.

J/80 Start

J/Boats headed downwind

J/122 Teamwork headed to a class win!

Sail22 Speed Barn | Melges 24 Tweaks

Sail22 had many requests from teams last week about the options we offer for Melges 24's and other boats while at Key West Race Week, so we've put together a summary of details to make things easier. Please click here for a Sail22 Melges 24 Options & Upgrades price list. As always, feel free to ask us questions. If you're interested in ordering anything, please give us a call at 547-889-0022 or send us an email at info@sail22.com.

The Sail22 Speed Shop was extremely busy throughout December and early January in preparation for this past week at Quantum Sails Premiere Racing Key West Race Week. In late December, we picked up a brand new Melges 24 for a client, USA 829, and brought it directly to the shop to begin the customization process prior to her first splash in Key West. Here are a few of the tweaks we've made that can be made to any boat, new or old when they visit the Sail22 Speed Shop.

Sail22 Foam Deck & Non-Skid Deck: Be nice to your crew with our custom cut Sail22 Foam Deck. No grit, lots of traction and easy on gear and lines. If the skipper likes a little more traction, then we offer the option for non-skid in the aft section, which is what USA 829 opted for, while NOR 800 went for the full Sail22 Foam Deck. We also offer a full non-skid deck as well for teams preferring the traditional traction. Available for all boats, not just the Melges 24!

Sail22 Hiking Rail Strips: Add these to the rail to make hiking easier and more comfortable. Great for the Melges 24, Melges 32 and any other boat with legs out hiking.

Sail22 Melges 24 Hatch Cover: There are plenty of hatch covers on the market, but we think ours is by far the best! Constructed to have a hinge so that the cover does not become fully unattached from the deck and made out of high quality canvas. Velcro to deck and allows for quicker resealing for the bowman and always stays in place.

Sail22 Melges 24 Trampoline: Uka Uka has used a trampoline instead of a spinnaker bag for years. Trampolines are used on bigger boats to keep the kite out of the water that collects in the boat and allow for easy launching and take downs. Teams that have tested ours have rave reviews. Easy to attach with bungee and small pad-eyes we have created with Soak (makers of one of our favorite tweaks, the Soak Halyard Clip). With the trampoline, we recommend our Sail22 Compression Post Cover to make sure the kite does not become stuck on anything down below.

Padded Engine Bag $200 *** Designed for a Honda 2.0, but will fit any engine in the 2-2.5hp range. Also available for Torqeedo engines. Padded and vinyl for quick clean up in case of fuel or oil spillage. Handles to carry and also to secure.


Sail22 First Aid Kit: Most first aid kits are full of things you really don't need (aka fillers). Since Becky is a nurse practitioner and sailor, she has designed a first aid kit that is meant to handle injuries common to sailors on and off the water. All materials are high quality and not normally found in a common first aid kit. The case is also made by Pelican Cases to be fully waterproof and the whole kit only weighs in at 1.5 lbs. They come in handy when you need them the most!

Sail22 First Aid Kit

Sail22 First Aid KitSail22 Dog Bone: This can be used on any boat and has various applications. We use them on tack lines, main halyards, spin sheets and more. We're always finding new uses for them! They come in multiple colors as well (currently silver, green, blue and red).

Sail22 Carbon Rig Adjustment Tool: No need to keep a screwdriver in the crew's pocket to tune the rig now that we make our Sail22 Rig Adjustment Tool. Perfect to add and take off turns quickly on the open body turnbuckles. Made of carbon with a lashing line to lash to the boat or to a crew member's PFD.

Carbon Melges 24 Backstay Flicker: One of our most popular Melges 24 items. Super light weight and tapered. A tweak where you want at the top of the rig and much more flexible then the traditional flicker to allow for more backstay when you need it.

DSC_0024Melges 24 Carbon Jib Block Cover: Our very sturdy carbon jib block cover prevents the spinnaker from being sucked into the jib block on take downs, which can be a very costly error. Only needed on the port side for one design racing. Clear coated carbon looks great and is very functional. If you have ever had the kite stuck in the jib block, you will understand why this is needed!

Sail22 Melges 24 Carbon Tack Deflector: This piece keeps the spinnaker from becoming stuck in the lifeline triangle where the lifeline meets the deck on spinnaker sets. No need for bungee across the deck any longer with this device. Ours is made of carbon and glues to the deck (no holes required to be drilled).

Melges 24 Carbon Rig Locks: Once the rig is tuned, our Carbon Rig Locks keep the open body turnbuckles from spinning on or off any more than you wanted. Available in 8mm and 10mm to fit both sizes of open body turnbuckles depending on if they are made prior to 2011.

Melges 24 Third Hands & Keepers: Our third hands are sturdier than the traditional style (and cheaper too!). They allow the rig to be easier to work with for open body turnbuckles. The Keepers eliminate movement of the shrouds to prevent the third hand from becoming repositioned. Our Keepers work with other manufacturers's Third Hands as well.


IMG_0461Sail22 Melges 24 Traveler Brackets: Anodized aluminum brackets that make it easier to work the traveler and backstay from either side so that they are never in the wrong place. Work both traveler or backstay from either side for light air settings. No block needed like other manufacturer's brackets.

Sail22 Keel Guards: We've been working to perfect the best way to protect Melges keels and think we have found it. Our Sail22 keel guards provide front and back, as well as side stability to secure the keel in place while traveling.

Sail22 Turnbuckle Covers: We try and stay away from anything metal (ie. grommets), so our Sail22 Turnbuckle Cover is made out of high quality canvas and has a loop with lashing line. This keeps the cover from falling in when tuning the rig.

Sail22 Forestay Triangle Cover: Our Forestay Triangle Cover prevents water from coming in to the area around the furler. It's amazing how much drier the boat is with this piece in place. Velcro in place for easy on and off.

Sail22 Forestay Turnbuckle Sleeve: This prevents the spin sheet from catching on the furler drum during gybes. A sleeve to make sure things run smooth and better than a water bottle or garden hose!

Sail22 Melges 24 Stanchion Ball: A very simple way to keep the kite from catching on the front port stanchion during sets and take downs.

IMG_0463Sail22 Ultra Light Megles 24 Backstay: (0.46 lbs with micro-cleat attached) Super light and covered. We developed our Ultra Light Backstay with a special line after not being satisfied with the original vectran and PBO options due to the breakdown that occurs of the fibers in UV light.

DSC_0019Sail22 New England Ropes Rigging Package: We offer full service rigging for all boats. Custom designed based on your preferences and our recommendations.

Dock Boxes: Custom made dock boxes are available that fit the Melges 24 trailer. Our favorite is a gray (which is on USA 829). Add vinyl team graphics to customize your dock box even further for easy recognition. We also offer dock box brackets (one set per box) that are $160.

The Sail22 Harken Soft Dock Box. While working with Harken to design the covers for the J/70, we created this portable soft dock box with lightweight tent pole structure. Loops on the side to secure to the dock and a top flap that zips on the front to keep water from entering. The bottom is also water resistant to help keep your gear dry when it's on the dock. Available in sizes small $300 and large $450.


Sail22 Tuning Stickers: Why mark up your hull with a sharpie when you can have Sail22 tuning stickers? We make them for the jib cars, backstay, jib trim and traveler markings and rig tuning guides (just let us know which sail maker you use or we can do a custom one with your numbers).

Sail22 Flush Mount Velocitek ProStart or Tacktick Micro Bracket: Allows you to mount a Velocitek ProStart or Tacktick Micro directly onto the mast to keep it clear of halyards. When used with both Tacktick and Velociteck, it allows both screens to be at the same distance from the mast versus sticking out due to the traditional bracket size.

Sail22 Carbon Double Cleat Spinnaker Bracket: In big breeze, the spinnaker halyard can slip leading to a mess when it's not needed. An easy fix is to double cleat and the Sail22 Double Cleat Spinnaker bracket is made of carbon and uses the same fasteners as the traditional Melges 24 bracket. Use the existing cam cleat and add a second one to the bracket.

Vinyl Logos for Hull and Sails: Custom graphics for your hull, cockpits, sails, dock boxes and more. We have the ability to cut large graphics in house and apply them prior to your next event.

Custom Painted Tillers: A favorite request in our Sail22 Speed Barn. Do you want your tiller to stand out with a special color or design? Vinyl graphics or airbrushed designs can be added during this process to make your tiller stand out!

These are just a few of the custom parts and options we offer to clients through Sail22. We enjoy working with clients one on one to make sure their boat is exactly the way they want it set up or overhauled. Please check out our website at www.Sail22.com for further offerings to teams such as gear, logistics, coaching and photography. We can be reached any time of the day by email at info@sail22.com and we're quick to respond to phone calls too at 574-889-0022.

Melges 32 Gold Cup 2011 Team Galleries | Sail22 Photography

To make finding Melges 32 Gold Cup 2011 Team Galleries easier, here are the links to each of the different teams. Great conditions as always in Fort Lauderdale and huge thanks to Vicki and Steve Rhyne and the Mojo team for allowing us to get out on the water! Congratulations to Steve Howe and the Warpath team on their win and a very impressive regatta. Check out the Sick Trix gallery for one of the best Melges 32 wipeouts we've seen in a very long time. For more coverage from the event, go to Sailing Updates to see our on the water mark rounding details and blog coverage. Enjoy!















Samba Pa Ti

Sick Trix



Fleet Photos & Starts

Sail22 named J/Boats Mobile Resource Team

Sail22 is excited to announce a new affiliation with J/Boats to further support all of our clients who own J/Boats. Sail22 has been supporting racing teams since 2007 with the Sail22 Support Trailer. The trailer is fully stocked with rigging, cordage from New England Ropes, Ronstan and Harken parts, custom designed parts, gear and accessories from Gill, as well as, tools for teams to use at regattas. Sail22 is also working with J/Boats Dealer, Stearns Boating, to support J/Boats owners and teams in the Midwest region for service needs, rigging and gear. As the J/Boats Mobile Resource Team, Ed and Becky Furry have over 25 years of combined racing on J Boats and will work with teams on a one-on-one basis for their needs.

Look for the Sail22 Support Trailer this winter season in Key West, Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The trailer will be stocked with all of your J/Boats needs to make your boat faster and provide service for any repairs or rigging. A video tour of the Sail22 Support Trailer will give you a even better idea of what you can expect to see at upcoming regattas. For the J/Fest Winter Series, the Sail22 J/Boats Mobile Resource Team will be located in Truman Annex and will be available starting the week before Quantum Key West Race Week 2012. Until Key West and after, the the trailer will be based at Shake-a-Leg Miami and will head to Fort Lauderdale for both of the Winter Series events, J/Fest Dead President's Regatta and the J/Fest Super Lucky Regatta at the Bahia Mar. To cap off the end of the winter season, the J/Boats Mobile Resource Team will be in Charleston for Charleston Race Week 2012.

Feel free to contact Sail22 with any of your J/Boats Resource Team questions or needs at info@sail22.com or 574-889-0022. Sail22 is proud to be part of the J/Boats family and looks forward to meeting and working with more J/Boat sailors.

New Sail22 Support Trailer Wrap | Sail22 Photography - GT3 Creative

The Sail22 Support Trailer was in need of a little bit of a face lift recently, so we decided it was time to go for a full trailer wrap. We sorted through the Sail22 Photography photo galleries and came up with one photo of each of the different classes we work with on a regular basis to grace the sides of the trailer. Our friends, Cary and Beth at GT3 Creative recently purchased a large format printer capable of printing on wrap material, so it seemed like a no brainer for us. They do awesome design work and we use them for our web designs, logos, etc and highly recommend them. Tell them you heard it from Sail22! ;) We sent them our design and they printed and flew the wrap out with them to Culver, Indiana.

They arrived at Sail22 Headquarters late Thursday evening and started on the wrap early Friday morning. We had pulled the Sail22 Support Trailer into the Speed Barn, so they had a climate controlled area to work in. The wrap looked great from the start. We posted several of the "in process" photos on our Sail22 Facebook page if you didn't see them. Make sure you "like" our page while you're there to see our regular updates that do not make it onto the blog. We update it frequently!

Here's the official reveal! We couldn't be more excited about how it turned out and can't wait to show it off when we head south for the winter regatta circuit. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

Passenger Side with the Etchells and front view with a Melges 32


J80's Going Downwind on the rear of the trailer

Melges 32 Spinnaker Take Down

Melges 24 Start and J80's

J80 East Coast Championship Report | Annapolis Sailing

Chris Chadwick owner of the J80 Church Key sent us a guest post about last weekend's J80 East Coast Championship in Annapolis, Maryland. Ed and I had so much fun sailing on Church Key and it's always sweeter to win when you sail with friends. It was also a nice change to not be photographing the regatta and sailing instead! Check out Sara Proctor's SailFastPhoto images for some great shots from the weekend.

Without further adieu, here's Chris's report:

J80 ECC’s
If anyone has seen Church Key, you'll know what I mean when I say she doesn't look all that special. She's hull number 59. She's a little beat up, with outdated blocks and parts, many of which we have scavenged from discards of other boats (we actually took smaller parts off of bigger broken things, like masts, to stay sailing at the worlds!). As a military family with 3 children (all of which sail, too), resources are tight. As a result, the old girl doesn’t get much love, but we do the best we can. Kerry Klingler, a longtime friend and the Quantum Sails J Boat guru helps us out as best he can, often selling "lightly" used sails to keep us on the water (our race mainis the sail Terry Flynn used in last year's World's). This year we were fortunate to hook up with Sail22 for rigging sponsorship, providing much needed new halyards and sheets! (Becky and Ed are the best!!)

Well, back to Church Key…As I said, she’s not the prettiest girl at the dance, but she gets the jobdone (sort of like a German Sausage maker…) and she is very loved by her family.

So after a whirlwind summer experiencing moderate success traveling around the Northeast, the old girl made it home in time for the 2011 J80 East Coast Championships at Eastport Yacht Club in Annapolis on October 28-30th. We finalized the crew for the event only 2 weeks prior at the Annapolis
Boat Show. Tom Murray, my constant on the boat was set to trim jib. Ed and Becky Furry, owners of Sail22, were going to be in town, and they hardly are able to sail together, so the offer of teaming up on the boat was too good to pass up. Ed trimmed Spinnaker and called the upwind shots, and Becky
called wind, boats and generally attempted to keep me at least moderately in check during an incredibly shifty regatta.

The forecast for the weekend was sketchy. Friday would be chilly, with a nice breeze from the Northeast that would slowly diminish. Saturday we were to be besieged by an early winter Nor’easter…and then Sunday was just cold, with even shiftier conditions from the Northwest. The first day of sailing was intense. Church Key scrambled to make the first race after a last minute outhaul fix on the way out. Firebolt, owned by Bill Hunt, sailed a great first day. Through four races they ended the day in first with 11 points. Will Crump, sailing on Jeff’s Boat and our crew on Church Key were right on Firebolt’s heels in a tie for second (Will was winning the tie breaker with two bullets) at 13 points. John White was 5 points back sitting in 4th. At the end of the day, we took a good look at the impending storm and made the smart decision to postpone sailing forSaturday. Seeing the weather that hit, this was an incredibly smart call!!

The last day of sailing started with freezing temperatures and shifty winds. We got out to the race course and commenced race one of the day. Our team talked prior to the start and decided we were going to sail our own race and stay clear of everyone at the start. We went for the boat end at the start and were given the opportunity to push Will Crump over the line. This wasn't the plan, but it didn't hurt us either. Though not our greatest race, we scored a 5, better than the 2 boats in front of us going into the day. Suddenly we were sitting with two points in first and John White had moved into the second position. The second race we were launched. Ed and Becky kept us in the wind and Tom did a great job on the jib to keep us driving through increasingly shifty conditions. By the end of the second leg, we had a nice lead and played cover for the remainder of the race. The 3rd race continued with our goal of consistency. The wheels stayed on and we were able to work the shifts nicely. We finished with a 2nd. At this point the wind had shifted drastically and the current was strong. The Race Committee attempted to shift the course and get one last race off. They finally were able to start a fourth race, but the shifts were so drastic that the committee decided to abandon the race and call it a day. We had won the regatta with a solid 10 point lead!!!

As we all know, the driver is just the idiot in the back of the boat trying not to screw it up! All credit for the win goes to Tom Murray, who is always there for me on Church Key, and to Ed and Becky Furry, whose support for our family program on and off the water has been truly a blessing. And without the joy of sailing against such a tight group of friends that is the J80 class, what would be the point?And, as always, my love and thanks to Liz, Riley, Madeline and Hadley, the 4 other women in my life…

See you on the water soon!!!

Chris Chadwick
USA 59
Church Key

Sail22 & Sailing Updates to Support the 2011 Melges 24 Nationals in Lake Geneva ~ Sailing Regatta Coverage

Sail22 is in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin with our Sail22 Regatta Support Trailer for the 2011 Melges 24 Nationals hosted by Lake Geneva Yacht Club on September 30th through October 2nd. The Melges 24 is one of our favorite classes to work with and we look forward to seeing everyone! We are fully stocked with our New England Ropes cordage wall, some great new Sail22 gear, go fast Melges 24 parts and more! Sail22 will be providing our Sailing Updates live regatta coverage of the event to keep those who aren't able to be in Lake Geneva updated with mark roundings and live blogging from on the water. Becky will also be photographing the Nationals and posting images on Sail22 Photography.

Just under twenty boats are already here prepping for what will be the third largest Melges 24 Nationals in the history of the class. It definitely makes sense since Lake Geneva Yacht Club is the home club of Melges Boat Works. We stopped by Zenda today to say hello and pick up a few things. Always a great place to visit!

We're also bringing our newest member of the Sail22 team with us, Dana Keller, who has joined our company to provide even better customer service and support to our clients. Stop by and meet Dana at the Sail22 Support Trailer to say hello!

Sail22 Speed Barn Upgrades ~ Insulation By Eco-Comfort ~ Sailboat Repair & Sailing Gear

The Sail22 Speed Barn is now fully winterized with spray foam Icynene insulation thanks to Eco-Comfort which will now allow us to work on sailboats in our facility throughout the winter in a warm environment! Winters in the Culver, Indiana area are a bit chilly and last year, we toughed it out without insulation, but it was cold! We spent a lot of time doing our research on types of insulation, cost, R-value, thickness, environmental and health factors. We decided that spray foam was the way to go and interviewed several different companies. We chose Randy and his team at Eco-Comfort in the end and feel we couldn't have chosen anyone better to do our project. Randy is extremely knowledgeable about the types of insulation available on the market and Icynene was the best product we could find, as well as being at a reasonable cost. It's the only insulation type used by the American Lung Association and sprayed using a water base, with no harsh chemicals. Definitely an important factor when you're considering having it in your home or business for many, many, many years!

Randy and his team came by on Thursday and they went to work. The guys did an excellent job covering with plastic anything that wouldn't be sprayed. As an added bonus, we also had them insulate our garage roof deck and our basement stone foundation along the perimeter. They worked quickly and managed to cover and spray both of these areas, as well as completely cover the Sail22 Speed Barn for insulation on Friday. They even left our basement cleaner than when they started! Thanks guys! We had the team spray the roof deck and walls of the barn on Friday and they did a great job. The spray insulation is pretty amazing stuff. It's sprayed, hardens in about 15 seconds and only spreads through the path of least resistance and stops, so it doesn't damage a structure. And the smells during and after they spray is minimal, tolerable and dissipates quickly. Super clean, super insulated and ready for the winter! We couldn't be happier with our experience working with Eco-Comfort and are planning to have them back in a few weeks to insulate the old barn Ed's dad has been renovating to become his workshop space and Becky's new Always Happy Life Photography studio!

Canadians Lead USA by One Race in the 2011 Canada's Cup ~ Sailing Updates Regatta Coverage

The Canadian Team Vincere, of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, skippered by Oskar Johaneson leads the United States team from Macatawa Bay Yacht Club's Team Heritage, skippered by Bob Hughes in the second day of racing at the 2011 Canada's Cup being sailed in Holland, Michigan by three races to two races. Sail22's Sailing Updates is providing live blog coverage of the 2011 Canada's Cup with short video clips of the racing uploaded from the water. After waiting for weather to pass in the morning, the teams raced two races in the afternoon, with both teams earning a victory. Photo gallery by Becky Furry with racing from today is now available on Sail22 Photography and will continue to be added to throughout the event. Racing will continue tomorrow with the winner of the Canada's Cup 2011 being determined by 7pm on Sunday evening.

Vincere Leads After Three Races in 2011 Canada's Cup ~ Sailing Updates Regatta Coverage

The Canadian Team Vincere, of the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, skippered by Oskar Johaneson leads the United States team from Macatawa Bay Yacht Club's Team Heritage, skippered by Bob Hughes in the first day of racing at the 2011 Canada's Cup being sailed in Holland, Michigan. Sail22's Sailing Updates is providing live blog coverage of the 2011 Canada's Cup with short video clips of the racing uploaded from the water. After day one of racing having "hurry up and wait" conditions leading to no racing, the teams headed out early with the possibility of four races on Friday. Team Heritage came out strong, winning the first race in the series, however, the Canadians quickly showed they came to put up a good fight and swept the last two races of the day. Team Heritage was able to play a left shift in the first race to lengthen the gap between the teams, but the right side of the course was where the most action was for the second and third races and Team Vincere did a great job of protecting it. The teams decided to not continue with racing after the three races and will resume the Canada's Cup 2011 Finals series on Saturday. Photo gallery by Becky Furry with racing from today is now available on Sail22 Photography and will continue to be added to throughout the event.